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What a summer we've had!

Summer bonsai

It seems like yesterday I was grumpily waiting for a recalcitrant summer to start. However in the end it did come and was not at all bad by Uk standards. What has made this summer special for all of us here at KB is how busy we have been. Summer is normaly pretty quiet, business wise, but this year has been the busiest we have ever known. Having been involved in bonsai as a business now for more than fifteen years I have given up trying to analyze what makes people buy, I am just glad that you all do. THANK YOU! Your support has enabled us to invest in several ground breaking new products that will be released shortly, it's also enabled us to buy better, thus avoiding many price rises that would have otherwise been necessary. We have also reserved some spectacular new tree stock for next year and best of all we have been able to begin working with my long term mentor and bonsai artist extrodinaire Kevin Willson who is beginning to create some beautiful bonsai trees for us. It's a real priveledge to be working with Kevin and some of his amazing creations will be appearing here next year.



Bonsai Fertilisers

Check out our range of Green Dream Bonsai Fertilisers

Green Dream™ Original - 100% Organic Fertiliser

Green Dream™ Original is the most popular and widely used bonsai fertiliser in the UK and has been trusted and relied upon for nearly 25 years. This dry granular fertiliser will supply ALL the nutrients your bonsai require in a clean and convenient form and at a great price too. Green Dream Original is up to THREE TIMES cheaper than Bio Gold because it's a UK product and has not travelled half way around the planet.

Green Dream™ Ericaceous - Premium Bonsai Fertiliser

Green Dream™ Ericaceous is the perfect fertiliser for all lime hating plants such as azaleas. It's also a great staple fertiliser if you have very hard calcareous water. This dry granular fertiliser will supply ALL the nutrients your bonsai require in a clean and convenient form and at a great price too.

Green Dream Organic Liquid Bonsai Fertilizer
Green Dream™ Organic Liquid is the perfect product if you prefer a fertiliser you can apply mixed with water. This dark sweet smelling product provides all the nutrient requirement for bonsai trees and raw material in a convenient slow release form that is safe on even the most tender plants. Also rich in amino acids one of the most significant building blocks of plant cells. Available in 1 litre or 2.5 litre packs.

Green Dream Fish Emulsion Bonsai FertilizerGreen Dream™ Fish Emulsion is one of those old traditional products that has stood the test of time and continues to surprise. Your great grandfather would have recognised this unique and potent fertiliser. A supremely effective product that supplies all the nutrients and enzymes your plants need, Ex-Fish promotes microbial activity within your soil ensuring your bonsai enjoy a supremely healthy rhizosphere. Very low odour product in a convenient liquid form.
Green Dream Asco-Max Seaweed Bonsai FertilizerGreen Dream™ Asco-Max Seaweed has one of the highest concentrations of seaweed solids of any similar product. Harvested from managed Atlantic ocean resources this is one of the highest quality products of it's type available. Ideal for use in container horticulture seaweed promoted the uptake of other nutrients whilst supplying minor nutrients and enzymes to your plant. Super economical 5-10ml per litre dilution rate means a little goes a very long way.

Bonsai Pest Control

Pests are an ever present threat in horticulture. However these days their control is, by and large, a simple affair. Always bear in mind a healthy plant has it's own built in defences, a happy healthy plant will resist pest attack and good horticultural practice and the use of a good fertilising regimen is VERY IMPORTANT.
When pests do attack the following products have proven very effective and with the minimum of negative effects to the plant, operator and surrounding environment.
Bonsai Invigorator, Bug Killer and FungicideBonsai Invigorator, Bug Killer and Fungicide has proven to be a very effective product over the last few years.
Environmentally friendly, non toxic pesticide and growth stimulant.
The latest generation pest and disease control for all plants, inside or out. A remarkable patented formula that is non toxic and safe to use around children, pets and on food crops.
Kills pests and mildew fungi and boosts the plants health to promote resistance. Available in a convenient 500ml ready to use spray or 250ml,500ml concentrates.
Protector Natural Insect Killing Spray RTUProtector Natural Insect Killing Spray is formulated from Pyrethrum - a natural insecticide derived from dried Chrysanthemums.
Pyrethrum is fatal to a huge list of common garden pests. Protector contains 0.2g per litre of incredibly potent pyrethrins, which are effective against an extremely wide spectrum of pests, yet very low-risk to humans, pets and other animals.
Pyrethrins repel and kill pests by inducing toxic effects in their central nervous systems, making Protector Spray fast-acting and highly effective.
Another upside of using Pyrethrum as an insecticide is that it degrades rapidly after use, leaving no harmful after-effects or chemicals, as is often the case with chemically-based alternatives.
Spider-mite infestation can be devastating to many species used for bonsai, particularly junipers and Chinese elm.
Speedy eradication of this resistant pest is not easy and would normally require a very nasty high potency chemical.
However for the first time we are VERY pleased to offer a spider-mite control product that is 100% Organic, 100% safe and 100% effective. 


For years now everyone has been asking for a Terrier to run in a small rotary tool like the Dremel. We are pleased to finally have that tool available. Designed and manufactured by us and only available right here ....

The Little Terrier DH™ The Ultimate Carving Tool For Hobby Rotary Machines

The Little Terrier DH

Customer Testimonials

"The item was extremely well packed, it's a lovely bonsai pot and exceeded my expectations. Having the courier information provided by Interlink Express also helped as I knew when to expect delivery and could plan my day accordingly.
I will definitely be purchasing from you again when I need more bonsai-related items.
It's been a pleasure doing business with you!" R.S. - U.K.

"I received my order today and I can't express how much I like this bonsai pot, it was exactly what I was looking for. Packaging was very well done and I can tell great thought and care went into it. The pot itself looks very nice and looks like an aged pot with great texture and glaze." G. - USA

"...order arrived today along with the tree. a really nice mulberry.
wonderful packaging.." D.J. - U.K.

"Dear Kaizen, My Fuji Cherry Starter tree safely received today, really well packed and I am really well pleased, tree certainly as good as your description if not better. Very promising material looking forward to it's progress.
Many thanks " M.Y. - U.K.