Green Dream Bonsai Fertiliser FAQ's

What is Green Dream Bonsai Fertilizer?

Green Dream Bonsai fertilizer is a multi source plant fertiliser that is manufactured from many nutrient rich organic compounds. Many other organic fertilizers (Bio-Gold, Rape seed pellets, chicken manure etc) are single source. This means that Green Dream is fully balanced and provides everything your bonsai trees need to remain healthy including major and minor nutrients, minerals and trace elements. Because Green Dream is organic it also feeds micro-organisms and bacteria within the soil to promote a healthy balanced growing environment for your bonsai trees. Green Dream is made from many animal and plant derivatives but is sterilised and so it’s safe to handle.
Green Dream is made as a small crumb consistency having a particle size going down from about 4mm. This means that in use it quickly dissolves into the soil to get in amongst your plants roots rather than lying on the soil surface above the roots. However because it quickly breaks down and is absorbed by the plant it will not impede that, all important, drainage unlike some weak fertilisers that require a very heavy application i.e.: Chicken manure. Buy Green Dream Bonsai Fertilizer Now


When should I use Green Dream?

Because Green Dream is 100% organic the plant nutrients are locked in place. It requires natural bacterial activity to release those nutrients to your plants. This beneficial bacterial activity is impeded by cold weather but speeds up quickly when the temperature rises. In practice the best time to begin using Green Dream is at the first sign of bud break in early spring. If your plants are beginning to grow it’s warm enough to begin the use of fertilizers. Using Green Dream is very beneficial to all plants as the nutrients release slowly. When the temperature rises, for instance, during the day, plants grow faster. As the temperature rises Green Dream releases nutrients faster, this ensures a steady stream of nutrients are always available when your plants need them most. Conversely using chemical fertilisers will give the plant a burst of nutrients that are quickly leached from the soil by regular watering. Very little is taken up with even less being available at peak periods of growth. In practice chemical fertilizer may only be of benefit to Bonsai trees for 12-48 hours depending upon the frequency of watering and soil type used.
In autumn the last application of Green Dream should be 2-4 weeks before leaf fall of deciduous trees and about two weeks before total dormancy of evergreen species. In practice (in the southern half of the U.K) this is likely to be the third week of October and the end of November respectively. Buy Green Dream Bonsai Fertilizer Now


How Much Green Dream Bonsai Fertilizer should I use?

This is a very expansive question with a lot of facets to its answer. Put simply it depends upon what you want to achieve with your bonsai trees. If you have raw material that needs to make a lot of growth then more fertilizer will help. If on the other hand you have a very old mature bonsai with fine ramification and small leaves then little and often is the order of the day.
Because of the way Green Dream releases it’s nutrients it’s not easy to over feed, however it’s not necessary to lay ½” deep fertilizer over the entire pot surface. We recommend using a little feed regularly and a good tablespoon measure spread evenly over a 12” (30cm) size pot will suffice for most bonsai trees. Do this every 3-5 weeks throughout the growing season. Double this measure can be used for raw material, especially where free draining soil is used. Buy Green Dream Bonsai Fertilizer Now


Does Green Dream make a smell in use?

Following application of Green Dream you can expect some odour for 12-48 hours, depending upon the temperature. This is not as strong or enduring as something like chicken manure. Because Green Dream is 100% organic it is necessary for bacteria to decompose the product in order to release the nutrients this accounts for the smell. However within just a few days this will fade to nothing. Buy Green Dream Bonsai Fertilizer Now


Can I use Green Dream to feed my Indoor Bonsai?

Green Dream can be used to fertilize all plants from vegetables to orchids. However bear in mind that Green Dream will release some odour immediately after application. It may be possible to lift the plant from it’s pot and sprinkle a little fertilizer over the bottom before replacing the plant. Buy Green Dream Bonsai Fertilizer Now


How long can I store Green Dream once opened?

As long as you store Green Dream in a cool dry place in a sealed container it will store indefinitely. In the event that the fertilizer becomes damp we recommend laying it on old newspaper in the warm sun (preferably in a glasshouse) until the colour turns pale and it is thoroughly dry. It can then be packed for storage. Buy Green Dream Bonsai Fertilizer Now


Can I apply Green Dream as a liquid fertilizer?

It is possible to mix Green Dream with water to make a suspension that can be watered onto your Bonsai Trees. About 25g per 5 litres of water is a good starting point. Buy Green Dream Bonsai Fertilizer Now


Can I use Green Dream alongside chemical fertilizers?

Yes, absolutely. Using a combination of fertilisers can give very good results. An organic element in your fertilizing regimen is important to maintain a natural healthy growing medium. Buy Green Dream Bonsai Fertilizer Now


Can I use Green Dream in conjunction with growth stimulants like Superthrive?

Again yes. Green Dream can be used alongside any growth stimulant type products like Superthrive, Rootsafe, Rainbow liquid and seaweed products. However the latter may be redundant because Green Dream has a considerable content of organic seaweed already. Buy Green Dream Bonsai Fertilizer Now


Will Green Dream attract flies or maggots?

Used as instructed Green Dream will not attract flies or maggots. However if you apply large piles of Green Dream to the soil surface this could happen but in tests we have never seen it. Buy Green Dream Bonsai Fertilizer Now


Will Green Dream attract birds or vermin?

There is no food stuff in Green Dream suitable for birds or vermin. Unlike chicken manure and rapeseed cakes Green Dream will not attract maggots and so birds will not be persistently throwing it about looking for food. Used as instructed there will be no evidence of the fertilizer within a few day after application. Buy Green Dream Bonsai Fertilizer Now


Is Green Dream harmful to pets?

Green Dream will not harm you or your pets. However sensible precautions should be exercised. There is a bone meal component in the fertilizer that could be attractive to inquisitive pets so store unused material out of reach. Also avoid breathing the dust and wash hands after use. Always store away from food and food preparation areas. Buy Green Dream Bonsai Fertilizer Now 


Is Green Dream harmful to fish?

No. Dust blowing into a pond is not going to cause any problems. Green Dream is harmless to the aquatic environment. However contact is best avoided wherever possible. Buy Green Dream Bonsai Fertilizer Now


Can I use Green Dream in an organic garden?

Yes. Green Dream is authorised for use by organic growers (Ec Reg’ 2092/91, BLIK) Buy Green Dream Bonsai Fertilizer Now


Why is Green Dream so much cheaper than Japanese Bonsai Fertilizers?

Primarily because we don’t bring Green Dream half way around the world! By the time you buy a Japanese bonsai fertilizer it has been through 4-6 different people, transported from the other side of the planet and taxed very heavily, therefore you are probably paying 10-20 times the factory gate price. Kaizen Bonsai have cut all of that out of the Green Dream equation to bring you a much better product at less than half the price. Buy Green Dream Bonsai Fertilizer Now


Why should I use Green Dream when chicken manure is so cheap?

Firstly look at the analysis, chicken manure is very weak without a balanced nutrient profile. Chicken Manure is collected from battery farms where the birds receive a heavily processed unnatural diet laced with all sorts of chemical compounds, all of which end up in your fertilized bucket. Because Chicken manure is weak you have to apply more, this lays on the soil surface impeding drainage and watering, it attracts flies and maggots without fail. Worst of all every time you want to work on your Bonsai Trees you are going to get covered in sh*t. What more needs to be said? Buy Green Dream Bonsai Fertilizer Now

Graham Potter
Kaizen Bonsai Ltd