Green Dream™ - Seaweed Meal - Soil Conditioner & Fertiliser

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Green Dream™ - Seaweed Meal - Soil Conditioner & Fertiliser

100% sustainable dried British seaweed

Organic feed / soil conditioner packed with nutrients

Add to soil mix or top dress.

Green Dream™ - Seaweed Meal - Soil Conditioner & Fertiliser


100% pure sustainable dried British seaweed meal (ascophyllum nodosum). A natural organic plant feed and soil conditioner packed with nutrients. Safely encourages and sustains growth and vitality in all plants from seedlings to ancient trees. Improves pest resistance, soil bio-activity, fertility, water and nutrient holding capacity. Broad spectrum nutrients that are released to the plant slowly over a whole growing season.


Mix with soil at repotting time or use as a top dressing. 100% safe for all plants small or large, young or old.




Base dressing: Mix 75-100g of dry product to 15/17 litres of your soil mix prior to repotting, potting up. Water the soil mix thoroughly once your potting is complete. Safe to use with all plants from seedling to mature including those that may be weak or compromised. Seaweed is a great healing tonic for all plants.


Top dressing: Sprinkle very lightly over previously moistened soil surface at a rate of 35-70g per square meter. Approximately a level tablespoon will be sufficient for the average 30cm 12” bonsai pot. Use sparingly every 4-6 weeks throughout the growing season.


Packaged in a resealable pouch. Keep unused product dry and sealed in it’s original pack in a dark cool place and it will keep indefinitely.


Available in 1Kg or 2Kg pack sizes. Please select from drop down list above.