Green Dream™ - Nettle Brew Organic Liquid Tonic Fertiliser

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Green Dream™ - Nettle Brew Organic Liquid Tonic Fertiliser

Foliar or soil application liquid organic natural fertiliser

Before chemicals there was Nettle Brew

Packed with nutrients, enzymes and minerals

Safe, economical, ethical and sustainable

Green Dream™ - Nettle Brew Organic Liquid Tonic Fertiliser

 Foliar or soil application liquid organic natural fertiliser for all plants.

 Plantsmen have been utilising the power of stinging nettles for untold generations. This amazing plant offers nutritional and health boosting power unlike any other. Largely forgotten by modern gardeners we are thrilled to have it in our organic fertilisers range. 100% organic, our Nettle Brew is made with young nettle tips, water and nothing else. It’s a combination of the quality nettles and time honoured ‘brewing’ that produces such a rich and beneficial fertiliser.

 Green Dream Nettle brew is rich in nutrients, enzymes and minerals that promote health and vigour whilst boosting growth rate and pest resistance including - Silica, iron, nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, micro-elements, enzymes and trace minerals. Safe, easy and clean to use on all plants from seedlings to ancient bonsai trees and virtually no odour.

 Green Dream Nettle Brew is a great liquid fertiliser with a minimal environmental footprint and no chemicals. Nettles are from a cultivated source and nothing was taken from the natural world to make this amazing product apart from water. HDPE 2 Packaging widely and easily recycled.


Foliar spray application: Dilute 20ml per litre of clean rain or dechlorinated (stand overnight) water. Apply to foliage from above and beneath with a fine misting spray, ideally in the early evening once the days heat has passed. Throughout the growing season repeat once or twice a week.

 For soil application: Dilute 30ml per litre of water and apply from a watering can fitted with a fine rose. Apply generously to previously watered but not waterlogged soil either early morning or evening. Use once or twice per month throughout the growing season.

Shake well before use. Use solution immediately. Always store in original container in a dark, cool but frost free place.



Available in 500ml or 1 Litre pack sizes. Please select from drop down list above.