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    Juniper Pruning Video Available Now

    Graham Potter presents a juniper pruning video with a difference. Pruning for style and long term health bring out the natural beauty of an old bonsai.

  • It’s Time To Relax a Little

    It’s Time To Relax a Little, bonsai takes time and lots of it...

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    Great British Bonsai

    Over the last few years I have been buying up a lot of bonsai collections. As a result I have seen some Great British Bonsai.


GREEN DREAM products are without doubt the UK’s most popular organic fertilisers for bonsai trees. We sell many thousands of products annually and after 30 years in the market our fertilisers are trusted by huge numbers of customers across the country. We are very pleased to present the latest additions to our range. These are 100% organic, natural AND UK produced and all are in stock for next day delivery.

NEW! Japanese Made Quality Stoneware Bonsai Pots

Nobody makes quality products quite like the Japanese. Quality materials, passion and attention to detail are a given when purchasing Japanese manufactured goods. For the discerning bonsai enthusiast that demands a little more than the next guy, we are pleased to offer this range of bonsai ceramics not seen in the UK for decades.

Graham got fed up with sub-standard ceramics and poor quality and so we have stepped up and imported these exceptional value Japanese bonsai pots. Whilst they may not be the quality of artisan-made and signed 'Tokoname' bonsai pots they are absolutely the best quality available at anything up to two or three times the price.

High fired vitreous stoneware is supremely frost resistant. We feel the consistency, high-quality finish, adaptable colours and attractive design of these pots coupled with amazingly good prices make the range unbeatable.

Bonsai Pots Ceramic & Plastic

Kaizen Bonsai offer the largest selection of bonsai pots in the UK. From plastic nursery pots and recycled plastic bonsai pots suitable for the development of raw material into bonsai right through to beautiful hand crafted pots and even the occasional antique pot too. All of our bonsai pots are available from our own stock but please be aware that some items have very limited availability, first come first served.

Superior Quality Bonsai Tools

These tools are unique to Kaizen Bonsai Ltd and are not available anywhere else in the U.K. Buying directly from the factory has enabled us to offer these fantastic tools at amazing wholesale prices direct to you. Compare our prices to other retailers then come back and pick up an absolute bargain! Our bonsai tools are of the very highest quality, second to none and we guarantee you will be delighted.

New products

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Graham's Blog

For years now Graham has been writing opinionated drivel that’s regularly published on his Kaizen Bonsai Blog. It’s the place to go for up to date news about what we are up to here at KB world headquarters. So long as you are not easily offended by forthright, no-nonsense opinions and comments and, so long as you have the time to get through his verbose rambling prose there just might be a smile in it for your effort. It’s also quite likely you will learn a few things about bonsai and their cultivation. There are hundreds of posts to work through, a perfect pass-time for the long dark evenings!

Read Graham's Blog
  • This week I've received two deliveries from Kaizen, both were a prompt response to my orders. Both were delivered on time, both were very well packaged. Of the two starter pines, one had the unexpected bonus of being twin trunked. As Graham described, the little juniper is a beauty. Thanks to all. As someone newish to bonsai l would like to thank Graham for being the sort of guy who is happy to share his knowledge and experience with all who come looking. (video tutorials, blogs etc.) He seems to me to be one of life’s natural teachers. Cheers to all at Kaizen. T.S U.K

  • Hi Graham & Catherine, The tree arrived safely and really excellent packing don't how you do it. The tree looks fantastic but then so has every purchase from you guy's I really enjoy what you offer to us bonsai nut's. Big thanks to all the team. N.G - U.K

  • Hi Kaizen, Cork Bark Oak arrived safe and sound, a lovely tree professionally packed as always. Once again you’ve shown how you are the best, and for someone like me who has only been involved with Bonsai for three years or so, Kaizen has enabled me to avoid many of the pitfalls which catch out many beginners. Sincere thanks and best wishes to you all. N.B - U.K