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Superior Quality Bonsai Tools

These tools are unique to Kaizen Bonsai Ltd and are not available anywhere else in the U.K. Buying directly from the factory has enabled us to offer these fantastic tools at amazing wholesale prices direct to you. Compare our prices to other retailers then come back and pick up an absolute bargain! Our bonsai tools are of the very highest quality, second to none and we guarantee you will be delighted.

Superior Stainless Steel Bonsai Tools

Superior Black Carbon Steel Bonsai Tools

Superior Quality Bonsai Tool Kits

Here we present a selection of our Superior quality bonsai tools available as carefully prepared selections for a heavily discounted price. Based on extensive experience we have put together selections of tools in either black carbon or polished stainless steel. There are kits of small tools, large tools and also the entire standard range. Buy your tools at BELOW TRADE price. Each tool kit includes a free multi-pocket tool roll to keep everything in one place, clean and tidy.

These tools are available individually but the price is slightly higher.

View the full range of Superior Black Carbon Steel Bonsai Tools

View the full range of Superior Stainless Steel Bonsai Tools

News From The Blog

Going Around in Circles

Our fragile existence seems to be an exercise in going around in circles. At this particular moment in time some would have us believe we are circling the plughole..............

Easy Bonsai. Seriously!

Recently I have spent too much time ranting and raving about things unrelated to bonsai. I assume that’s why lots of my loyal readers come here, to find out something about little trees..............

Thank You!

Life leads us down a winding path on occasion. I was never the most social of animals, us Norfolk folk are renowned for our reticence. However I did not really expect I would end up quite so isolated behind this screen...............

Hand in Pocket Time

I don’t get out much but from what little I do see, in some parts I understand times are hard. I do know we are all being...............

Shohin Bonsai Available

Lots of shohin available now. Not cheap but mostly good quality and nice pots. Email for details and include pic’s please..............

Trees, Trees, Trees

Since Brexit became a reality our esteemed leaders have introduced some pointless draconian laws that make it (probably) easier to bring nuclear weapons into the UK than it does plants. Therefore it’s no longer possible for KB to bring in the 1500-2000 plants a year we were doing for a long time.............

Ranting and Raving

Oscar Wilde wrote “I know y’all missed me ranting and raving. So, apropos of nothing other than my own therapy here are my thoughts, revelations and reminiscences for the Easter holidays based on my year so far. Should pass a little time if you are stuck in a traffic cue or airport. No need to comment .............

With Age Comes Wisdom….Or Not

Oscar Wilde wrote “With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone.” Turns out he was right. Scientists have found that growing older is no guarantee of growing wiser, if wisdom is an intuitive knack for grasping basic beneficial behaviours. I’m not sure why it was necessary to be a scientist to figure that one out.............

Terrier Bonsai Wood Carving Tools

 The Little Terrier

Our Terrier range of wood carving tools have set the standard worldwide for freehand power wood carving cutters. Our range includes The TerrierThe Little Terrier and the Little Terrier DH.

These amazing tools are in the hands of some of the worlds best wood carvers, wood turners, chainsaw carvers, restorers and re-creators of historic timber work and furniture not to mention some of the best known bonsai artists like Kevin Willson. Whether you have a die grinder, Dremel or hobby tool there is a Terrier to suit.If you need to carve wood of ANY description this is THE tool you need.

We manufacture this tool right here in the UK and only sell them directly to our customers. Graham has spent more than 20 years developing and refining these tools, they are THE most efficient easy to use effective and safe tools of their kind available anywhere on planet earth.

terrier pt1152 terrier pt1152 terrier pt1152 terrier pt1154 pt1154 terrier pt1153 terrier pt1154 terrier pt1153 terrier pt1153 terrier pt1153 terrier

NEW! Japanese Made Quality Stoneware Bonsai Pots

Nobody makes quality products quite like the Japanese. Quality materials, passion and attention to detail are a given when purchasing Japanese manufactured goods. For the discerning bonsai enthusiast that demands a little more than the next guy, we are pleased to offer this range of bonsai ceramics not seen in the UK for decades.

Graham got fed up with sub-standard ceramics and poor quality and so we have stepped up and imported these exceptional value Japanese bonsai pots. Whilst they may not be the quality of artisan-made and signed 'Tokoname' bonsai pots they are absolutely the best quality available at anything up to two or three times the price.

High fired vitreous stoneware is supremely frost resistant. We feel the consistency, high-quality finish, adaptable colours and attractive design of these pots coupled with amazingly good prices make the range unbeatable.

Round Glazed Japanese Made Bonsai Pot - 6" High Quality Japanese Nanban Rustic Bonsai Pot - 6" High Quality Japanese Glazed Round Bonsai Pot - 5" Informal Nanban Style Unglazed Japanese Bonsai Pot - 10" Informal Round Unglazed Japanese Bonsai Pot - 11" Rectangular Glazed Japanese Made Bonsai Pot - 8.5"

Extra Large Bonsai Pots

Kaizen Bonsai are specialists in extra-large bonsai pots. We have the UK's largest range of bonsai pots over 20". These are mostly one-offs or have extremely limited availability. These pots are all new and unused however please read the description carefully for details of the condition of each individual pot. These large pots are normally hand made in very small numbers and as such do command a higher price than mass-produced small pots.

Beautiful Deep Oval Unglazed High Quality Bonsai Pot - 40" Bonsai Basics - Oval Unglazed Bonsai Pot - 24" Bonsai Basics - MASSIVE Rectangular Unglazed Bonsai Pot - 27" Bonsai Basics - Deep Round Unglazed Bonsai Pot - 31" Large Oval Unglazed Bonsai Pot - 22" High Quality Rectangular Unglazed Bonsai Pot

Bonsai Pots - Ceramic & Plastic

Kaizen Bonsai offer the largest selection of bonsai pots in the UK. From plastic nursery pots and recycled plastic bonsai pots suitable for the development of raw material into bonsai right through to beautiful hand crafted pots and even the occasional antique pot too. All of our bonsai pots are available from our own stock but please be aware that some items have very limited availability, first come first served.

Recycled Plastic Bonsai Pots - Rectangular - 4 Size Options Plastic Pots for Bonsai Nursery Stock Glazed Deep Square Bonsai Pot - 8" Cascade Style Deep Unglazed Bonsai Pot - 9" Deep Round Unglazed Bonsai Pot - 11" Green Glazed Round Bonsai Pot 12"

Kaizen Bonsai Soil Mixes

It's been nearly 20 years since Graham first offered his special bonsai soil mixes for sale. Since that time these products have become the UK's favourite typically selling over 25 tons every year. These soil products are constantly refined and improved as better ingredients present themselves and represent the very best in quality, value and performance for bonsai tree growth in the UK today. Considering the ever-increasing cost of Japanese soils and the sensitive issue of fuel usage we have now sourced 90% of our blended soils within the U.K which means less 'soil miles', less import taxes and a lower price to you!

To find out more about the unique soil requirements of bonsai trees and to learn what re-potting bonsai is all about see Graham’s articles…

Choosing Soil For Bonsai Trees

Graham's Guide To Re-Potting Bonsai

What Should Be In Your Bonsai Soil

Bonsai Growing Media Straights from Kaizen Bonsai

Kaizen bonsai carry a wide array of top quality products suitable for the cultivation of bonsai trees. Many of these unique products are only available from us. We carry more tonnage of soil products than any other UK bonsai specialist to ensure we don’t run out just when you need an item. For those who want to create their own Bonsai soil mixes we offer an unparalleled range of Bonsai Growing Media - Straights, unblended growing media and aggregate products. Many of these products are not only suitable for growing Bonsai Trees but are ideal for hand watered and automatic hydroponic systems. Many of our soil products are suitable for cultivating Orchids, Alpines, Cacti and Aquascaping. In fact no matter what area of specialist horticulture floats your boat we have a soil product you need!

Graham’s Blog

For years now Graham has been writing opinionated drivel that’s regularly published on his Kaizen Bonsai Blog It’s the place to go for up to date news about what we are up to here at KB world headquarters. So long as you are not easily offended by forthright, no-nonsense opinion and comment and, so long as you have the time to get through his verbose rambling prose there just might be a smile in it for your effort. It’s also quite likely you will learn a few things about bonsai and their cultivation. There are hundreds of posts to work through, a perfect pass-time for the long dark Christmas break!

Japanese maple November 2021Japanese maple November 2021
From the post Littered with Contradiction
Nice thin walled mame bonsai potsNice thin walled mame bonsai pots
From the post We’ve Got Your Back
It's All About The Trees!Bonsai - It's All About The Trees
From the post It's All About The Trees!

Customer Testimonials

"Hi Kaizen Bonsai, I just wanted to drop you a message to say how happy I am with my Pyracantha bonsai material that I purchased from you. It's wonderful. If there's anywhere I can leave a review, let me know." L.H U.K

"Just a note to say all items got here. Well pleased with the Yamadori Juniper, and I wish all suppliers, packed their trees like you.!!. Many thanks." K.S U.K

"This week I've received two deliveries from Kaizen, both were a prompt response to my orders. Both were delivered on time, both were very well packaged. Of the two starter pines, one had the unexpected bonus of being twin trunked. As Graham described, the little juniper is a beauty. Thanks to all. As someone newish to bonsai l would like to thank Graham for being the sort of guy who is happy to share his knowledge and experience with all who come looking. (video tutorials, blogs etc.) He seems to me to be one of life’s natural teachers. Cheers to all at Kaizen." T.S U.K

"Received my bonsai from you today that I only ordered yesterday & I had to message you to say thanks. Absolutely stunned by what you’ve sent me. I paid £17.50 last time ordered a tree from ******** being new to bonsai and seeing this I didn’t think you could get something of this quality for the price!" S.H - UK

"Just a quick note to say order arrived today. Impressive packaging ensured all ok. Very pleased with the tree, etc. Many thanks." A.B - U.K

"Hi Graham, The Yamadori Portuguese Oak arrived today at lunchtime. Not a twig out of place! Absolutely magnificent!" B.J - U.K

"Hi Kaizen, Cork Bark Oak arrived safe and sound, a lovely tree professionally packed as always. Once again you’ve shown how you are the best, and for someone like me who has only been involved with Bonsai for three years or so, Kaizen has enabled me to avoid many of the pitfalls which catch out many beginners. Sincere thanks and best wishes to you all." N.B - U.K

"Hi, just wanted to say a big thank you for your fantastic service, I’ve bought a few quality pots recently and the service is excellent, will be shopping again in spring, thanks" D.M - U.K

"Hi Graham & Catherine, The tree arrived safely and really excellent packing don't how you do it. The tree looks fantastic but then so has every purchase from you guy's I really enjoy what you offer to us bonsai nut's. Big thanks to all the team." N.G - U.K

"Hi Kaizen. Received another tree today from you (in its bomb-proof packaging) I'm well pleased, it's brill! Thanks a lot." B.P - U.K

"Just a quick one to let you know that the pallet of my trees turned up safe and sound. Very well packed as always, and as I have come to expect the trees are even better than the photos." S.C - U.K