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Bonsai Pots - Ceramic & Plastic

All of our bonsai pots are guaranteed BY US in transit. If you are very unlucky and your pot is broken we will either replace or refund upon receipt of a photo of the damage. Carriers will NOT insure ceramics but we stand by our customers in the rare event something goes wrong. We won't muck you about for weeks on end or fob you off. After more than 50,000 orders shipped we know what we are doing! Our packaging utilises re-used materials that can go straight into your recycling bin, we won't leave you with mountains of annoying polystyrene 'peanuts' to try and get rid of.

No Bonsai tree can be entirely complete without a bonsai pot. A bonsai pot completes the magical appearance of our little trees. There are almost as many bonsai pot designs as there are bonsai trees. Whilst there are a few 'rules' about which pot to use for which style and species of bonsai we would suggest that, in general, if you like the way a bonsai looks in it's pot then it's just fine. If you need help choosing a pot for your bonsai tree drop us a line with some pictures and details and we will do our best to help you out.

Here we offer a massive selection of bonsai pots suitable for the cultivation an presentation of bonsai trees. From plastic nursery pots suitable for the development of raw material into bonsai right through to beautiful hand crafted pots and even the occasional antique pot too. All of our bonsai pots are available from stock but please be aware that some items have very limited availability. All of our ceramic bonsai pots are stoneware which means they are frost resistant. However no ceramic pot is resistant to extreme soil expansion upon freezing. This effect can break solid rock and is responsible for the erosion of mountains! Keeping your bonsai's soil slightly dry over winter using open overhead cover is very beneficial in a great many respects.

All dimensions given are approximate and due to the manufacturing process of ceramics can vary to some degree.

The colour and finish of ceramic bonsai pots can vary considerably wether glazed or unglazed. Where we state a colour or finish this is subject to variation. If you need a very precise indication of colour or finish please drop us a line.