Bonsai Workshops

Getting to grips with bonsai is a simple and very rewarding process. There is a wealth of information available today but sadly much of it is poor, ill conceived and sometimes even entirely erroneous. We believe that learning from an experienced artist and teacher is VERY important. After all that's how we learn most things at the outset whether it's the three Rs at school or advanced mathematics at University. Sadly many folk do not follow the same path in bonsai and most end up frustrated and disillusioned after several years and walk away.

Bonsai is an immensely rewarding hobby that becomes a lifetime passion for many people. Getting a good start is important to ultimate success. The help and guidance of an experienced teacher is invaluable and will all but guarantee long term success. Why spend years in a frustrating cycle of experimentation yielding patchy results? Working with an experienced teacher will save much anguish whilst dramatically shortening the time it takes to master this fascinating art form.

Graham Potter has been teaching bonsai professionally for 25 years now and in that time has helped students to raise the quality of their bonsai to international exhibition level. Taking a patient measured approach to teaching the underlying principles of bonsai is a concept completely unique to a U.K teacher. Whether you are an absolute beginner or have many years experience, we guarantee that working with Graham will be an enlightening and fulfilling experience. Graham's level of enthusiasm will leave you inspired to go and achieve more than you thought possible.

To see Graham at work take a look at our Bonsai Movies page.

To see some before and after photos have a look at our In The Workshop page. 

Our bonsai group workshops have not been possible for a long time now due to our workload, however we are happy to offer bespoke sessions for your group. Limited to four persons max' you are ensured plenty of personal attention throughout the day. Running from 9.30am until 5pm simply bring along as many trees as you can fit in the car and Graham will take it from there. These small groups are immensely friendly and well suited to absolute beginners as well as more advanced hobbyists. A group is a great place to learn bonsai as the shared experience gives a wide insight into the intricacies of bonsai technique. Group participation costs just £75 inc' VAT for the full day (payable in advance*) including refreshments. Bring lunch, trees, tools and whatever materials you feel you may need. Alternatively call Graham to discuss your day. 

Please contact us to arrange a date for your group.

We ask you to bring lunch and drinks will be provided. Obviously the house will be at your disposal and the kettle will always be warm but we do ask that you bring lunch with you. You are welcome to use the kitchen including microwave and stove for preparing anything warm. The local Tesco store is less than 5 minutes walk up the lane in an emergency. There is also a pub just across the road that offers very good value meals.

If you expect to need any materials or supplies during the course of the day please can you let me know in advance so that I can make sure we have everything at hand. Soil and pots are no longer stored at the house. To book a place please call 0800 4580 672 or email

*Due to being let down countless times we now have to ask for payment up front. In the event of a no show this will NOT be refunded, very sorry but we have been let down and mucked about far too often. Your place will not be reserved until payment is received.


 bonsai workshops - Bring plenty to do!