Oval Plastic Bonsai Training Pots - 3 Sizes

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  • Oval Plastic Bonsai Training Pots - 3 Sizes
  • Robust and UV stabilised rigid plastic
  • Attractive dark grey colour
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Lots of drainage & wire securing holes

Oval Plastic Bonsai Training Pots - 3 Sizes

Top quality rigid plastic pots suitable for growing bonsai trees wether you have raw untrained material, recently collected yamadori, part trained trees or old bonsai in need of some TLC. We have seen a lot of plastic pots over the years but these are the best so far.

Each pot is in a very pleasant mid grey with a lovely silky 'sand' texture on the outside. The rim of each pot is nicely finished with no sharp edges. Inside there are lots of drainage holes and many smaller holes for securing wires.

On the underside each pot has nice feet and supports for the pots base to prevent sagging even after many years of use.

These pots are made from UV stabilised plastic which will not go brittle even after extended exposure to direct sunlight. Made from Code 5: PP (Polypropylene) which is fully and widely recyclable in the UK.

These pots have very generous dimensions with good depth which is important in bonsai cultivation in order to achieve the maximum amount of growth and development each year. Depth also aids drainage and ensures a happier tree over a wet winter or excessively hot summer. These pots tick all the boxes!

Oval Plastic Bonsai Training Pots are available in three sizes - Select size from the options drop down list above.

Approximate external dimensions including lip and feet.

Small. 250x175x75mm 
Medium. 350x240x100mm 
Large. 450x315x120mm