Bonsai Soil Products

By far the most significant element in success with Bonsai Trees is creating a healthy vibrant environment in which roots can flourish. Conditions within a bonsai pot are largely dependent upon two factors, the first being how often you water your Bonsai and the second is what growing medium or soil you use. Getting the right balance is vitally important. To this end we have published an extremely in depth article on the subject Choosing soil for Bonsai Trees


If the whole notion of wrestling with Bonsai soil science is just too much to contemplate take a look at our KAIZEN BONSAI SOIL MIXES page. These soils have been expertly created to give optimum growing conditions for Bonsai Trees of many types and sizes. Over the last few years Kaizen Bonsai's Bonsai Soil Mixes have become the most widely used branded Bonsai soil product in the U.K. We are proud of the fact our Bonsai Soils are over 90% U.K sourced and have a high content of recycled materials. Why buy Bonsai Soil from the other side of the world? This uses masses of fuel and costs a fortune in import taxes and handling fees. BUY BRITISH!

For those who want to create their own Bonsai soil mixes we offer an unparalleled range of BONSAI GROWING MEDIA - STRAIGHTS, unblended growing media and aggregate products. Many of these products are not only suitable for growing Bonsai Trees but are ideal for hand watered and automatic hydroponic systems. Many of our soil products are suitable for cultivating Orchids, Alpines, Cacti and Aquascaping. In fact no matter what area of specialist horticulture floats your boat we have a soil product you need!

The secret to success with bonsai rests upon good horticultural practice. The following products have been used for many years by the world's greatest bonsai artists. Each has its own characteristics which create ideal growing conditions for different species of tree. We would be happy to advise upon the suitability of use of these products by telephone or email.

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Information on how Kaizen Bonsai soil products are described, graded & packaged

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