The first, the biggest and probably the best mail order bonsai specialist!, Continuously trading since 1988

Today we are absolutely overwhelmed with easy access information. Type BONSAI TOOLS into Google and you will get 1.4 million possible options to look at. If you viewed one a minute for 24 hours a day that would take you 2 years and 6 months.
So who do you trust to supply the materials you need enjoy your Bonsai Hobby? We like to think it should be Kaizen Bonsai Ltd we've been at this a long time now....

Our Heritage...The company has been trading continuously in Bonsai since 1988 read more

Our Reputation...Testimonials from hundreds of customers, many loyal to us from the beginning read more

Our Expertise... Graham Potter has been producing award winning bonsai since 1992 and has taught Bonsai across the world and brings his experience to our daily Bonsai activity read more

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Our Quality... Every single product is carefully evaluated and tested before we offer it to you. WE STAKE OUR REPUTATION ON OUR QUALITY read more

Our Guarantee... We absolutely guarantee whatever you buy from us 100% and offer a full refund if you are not delighted with our products or services read more

Our Easy Payment Options... ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED SECURE online payment options... read more

Our Marketing...The biggest product range and certainly the most popular Bonsai web site dedicated to Bonsai read more

Our Delivery Service... 90% of our delivery across the world is handled by just one provider, they appreciate our business and work hard to keep us happy which means keeping YOU happy. But why do we continue to charge delivery? read more

Our Environmental Policy... As BONSAI enthusiasts we appreciate nature and are sensitive to the world we all inhabit.  Our environmental policy reflects this read more

Buy British Being a British Company we love our country and will support British industry and products at every opportunity, it's good for our country and it's good for the environment but, most importantly, it\'s good for you! read more

Our Business Plan... Kaizen Bonsai Ltd plan to be here in 30 years time, bigger better and still at the cutting edge of the Bonsai World!

We could go on and on but you get the picture...
Here at Kaizen Bonsai Ltd we understand that it's impossible to please everyone all the time but that's our expectation and motivation for coming to work EVERY day. Every month we handle hundreds of orders without complaint and our customers just keep coming back again and again. IF YOU'RE HAPPY WE'RE HAPPY. Month on month our business has grown....EVERY SINGLE MONTH for the last 9 years without fail. Kaizen Bonsai Ltd employ full time expert staff to make sure that your order is handled carefully by professionals who actually care about BONSAI. We want you to enjoy your BONSAI HOBBY as much as we do!

So, after 25 years trading in the BONSAI community and with over 15,000 satisfied customers who just KEEP coming back we are very proud of ourselves and our forebears and we look forward with excitement to being a part of the wonderful WORLD OF BONSAI for a very long time to come.