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Green Dream™ - Wrackweed Organic Seaweed With Humates

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Wrackweed Organic Seaweed With Humates

100% sustainable British seaweed extract

Biologically active natural humic and fulvic acids

50% improved uptake compared to typical seaweed products

Safe & clean, for soil or foliar application 

Green Dream ™ Wrackweed Organic Seaweed Extract With Bio-Active Humates

 Foliar or soil application liquid organic natural fertiliser for all plants.

 100% pure sustainable British seaweed liquid extract (from ascophyllum nodosum) with biologically active natural humic and fulvic acids for up to 50% improved nutrient uptake compared to typical seaweed only products. Gets to work fast and is rapidly assimilated into your plants. Broad spectrum nutrient profile means strong, healthy, pest resistant good looking plants.

 Contains over 60 organic elements including aminos, enzymes, trace elements, micro and macro nutrients. Safely encourages and sustains growth and vitality in all plants from seedlings to ancient trees. Improves pest resistance, soil bio-activity, water and nutrient holding capacity.

 Green Dream Wrackweed is a great liquid fertiliser with a minimal environmental footprint and no chemicals. Ingredients are all from entirely sustainable managed organic British sources. Manufactured entirely within the UK. PET 1 bottles widely and easily recycled.


Always shake well before use. Use throughout the growing season.

 For foliar application mix 10ml per litre of clean rain or dechlorinated (stand overnight) water and apply by fine spray onto both sides of the leaves once the days sun/heat exposure has passed. Repeat at 7-10 day intervals for tree species, annual crops may be treated weekly.

 For soil application mix up to 30ml per litre of clean water and apply direct to already moist (not saturated) soil using a watering can and fine rose. Can be used alongside your regular fertiliser but do not mix different products in the same water when using liquids, apply a few days apart. When using solid organic fertilisers such as Green Dream Original simply apply the diluted solution as normal. Use at roughly 10 day intervals throughout the growing season.

 Mix 20ml per litre of clean water and soak seeds prior to germination. For air layers soak moss or other rooting media prior to use. For cuttings insert into chosen growing media and water thoroughly once finished.


 Available in 500ml or 1 Litre pack sizes. Please select from drop down list above.