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english yew

English Yew – Taxus Baccata

black pine

There goes me knotty pine!

A Ripping Yarn Image 11

A Ripping Yarn


Twin Trunk Privet

The Mobius Loop image 5

The Mobius loop

The Strawberry Tree Image 8

The Strawberry Tree

Lofty Image 5


Eric's Juniper Juniperus Spp Image 4

Eric’s Juniper
Juniperus Spp

Wideboy Taxus Baccata Image 7

Wideboy Taxus Baccata

English Elm Image 6

English Elm

Plucking Yew Image 7

‘Plucking Yew’ Taxus Baccata

Juniperus chinensis Blaauw Image 4

Juniperus chinensis Blaauw

Hornbeam Image 9


Early autumn and, as this tree had grown so well I decided to complete it's first styling. Wiring is very difficult as the fine growth is easily broken. Just two weeks later and new shoots are beginning to emerge, in December! Fei Lian is the Chinese god of the wind, direct translation would be "flying curtain". I thought this seemed appropriate.

Fei Lian – “Flying Curtain”

Japanese Trident Maple Image 1

Japanese Trident Maple

Scirocco Image 5

Scirocco – The desert wind

Breaking Wave - Mugo Pumillio Image 4

Breaking Wave – Mugo Pumillio