Supalite Fine Growing Medium - Bonsai Succulent Plant Alpine Soil

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Supalite Fine Growing Medium - Bonsai Succulent Plant Alpine Soil

Supalite Fine is a light weight fired clay aggregate that's great for mixing with other bonsai soil ingredients. The open honeycomb structure of this product holds great amounts of water, promotes exceptional air circulation and lots of microbial activity that quickly releases the nutrients from organic fertilizers. The particles are frost proof and so will not break down, even after many years in the pot.

This is the same product as Supalite Black but graded up to 2-4mm. Virtually no dust or fines, less than 1%.

We recommend using this great product in conjunction with other growing media. By blending different products together it's possible to create soil mixes very close to the ideal conditions for individual plants. In our tests we found that using up to 60% by volume produced a very open structure soil that encouraged dense root production. It also reduced the weight of the soil considerably. Up to 60% weight saving over some Japanese soils and 80% lighter than horticultural grit.

Benefit include light weight, good moisture retention, high AFP (air filled porosity). Guaranteed frost proof. Promotes strong dense rooting. Grey black colour absorbs heat to further encourage root development. Looks very smart in the pot. Easily re-used.

Manufactured in the U.K, less "Soil miles". Neutral PH. Guaranteed free of harmful substances.

Any dust contained within our crushed aggregate products will settle into the spaces between larger particles and once removed will not significantly effect the volume you purchased.

Information on how Kaizen Bonsai soil products are described, graded & packaged

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