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11. Bonsai Jin Pliers - Carbon Steel Bonsai Tools


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  • 210mm Overall length

Bonsai Jin Pliers - Carbon Steel Bonsai Tools

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  • Bonsai Jin Pliers - Carbon Steel Bonsai Tools


Bonsai Jin Pliers are unlike any other pliers available. They have short powerful jaws designed for firmly gripping wood fibers. Use in a rolling motion to simply peel wood fibers away, just like opening a can of sardines. The outer jaws are nicely rounded and polished to avoid leaving marks on the finished jin.

Bonsai Jin pliers are also widely used for wire work where their powerful jaws give a nice firm grip and their slim size really improves both access and accurate working.

Designed for professional use these beautiful tools will last a lifetime if cared for correctly. See Graham's Guide To Caring For Bonsai Tools, coming soon.

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