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Growth Stimulants For Bonsai Trees

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  1. Tm5 Anti-Transpirant

    Tm5 Anti-Transpirant


    Prevents foliage from drying out following root disturbance.
    Reduces moisture loss from foliage of cuttings.
    Assists in the establishment of collected plants.
    Spray foliage of all plants after re-potting.
    Apply following stress caused by drying out and wilting.
    Spray all cuttings and grafts before inserting into rooting medium.
    Ready to use product.
    Simply spray onto foliage from above and beneath.
    500ml ready to use trigger spray bottle.

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  2. Houseplant Myst 100ml - 300ml

    Bonsai Foliar Feed & Pest Repellent - House Plant Myst™


    • Houseplant Myst is part of a new generation of plant care products manufactured in the U.K.
    • Foliar feeding of plants offers significant advantages for plant health
    • Allows the fertilising of recently potted or sickly plants
    • Significantly improves pest and disease resistance
    • This ready to use solution provides nutrients, enhances growth, repels pests and conditions leaves
    • Trigger spray bottle ready to use
    • 100ml, 300ml and 750ml sizes available
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  3. Yorkey Bonsai Fertiliser & Vitamin Ampoule - 10 Pack

    Yorkey Bonsai Fertiliser & Vitamin Ampoule - 10 Pack


    • Promotes whole plant vitality for all potted plants
    • Simply snip off the little square cap and insert into the soil upside down
    • The perfect balance of major and minor nutrients all plants need
    • 10 x 33ml bottles supplied as one pack
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  4. BAC Foliar Feed Spray Concentrate 120ml

    BAC Foliar Feed Spray Concentrate 120ml


    • BAC Organic Foliar Spray 120Ml concentrate
    • Widely considered the best and most effective product available for foliar feeding
    • Fast acting and safe to use
    • Increases chlorophyl production and photosynthesis
    • Dramatically improved natural pest resistance
    • High dilution rate, very economical.
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  5. Bonsai Rooting Hormone Gel - Clonex

    Bonsai Rooting Hormone Gel - Clonex


    • Perfect for striking soft and hard wood cuttings.
    • 50ml Pack.
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  6. Rhizotonic Bonsai Root Growth Stimulant

    Rhizotonic Bonsai Root Growth Stimulant 250ml


    • Rhizotonic is applied as a root drench and also by spray to the foliage
    • It can be used after repotting to encourage rapid re-establishment
    • Also helps trees to overcome stress caused by over fertilizing, drought, wind or frost burn and root rot after winter
    • Boosts plants natural defences and increases resistance to pests and disease
    • Very economical 4ml per litre dilution rate
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  7. Cannazym Bonsai Root Booster

    Cannazym Bonsai Root Booster


    • It contains more than twelve different naturally occurring enzymes.
    • Cannazym is the perfect product for use on bonsai trees that have been in their pots for a very long time and will dramatically improve the rhizosphere creating perfect conditions for the growth of new roots.
    • Contains beneficial root growth stimulants and micro organism stimulating plant extracts.
    • Very economical, dilute just 2.5>4ml per litre of water for foliar and root application.
    • Repeat every few days throughout the growing season.
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  8. Nitrozyme Organic For Soil and Foliar Application

    Nitrozyme Organic For Soil & Foliar Application


    • Nitrozyme Concentrate is formulated specifically to stimulate strong vigorous growth and peak plant performance.
    • Highly concentrated formulation means high dilution rate
    • One little bottle goes an extremely long way.
    • 100 ml and 1L options available
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  9. Superthrive - The Original Vitamin Solution

    Superthrive - The Original Vitamin Solution


    • Promotes plant vigour in all pot grown plants and Bonsai
    • 30ml, 120ml, 480ml, 1 US Gallon sizes available in US packaging
    • New formulation including kelp
    • Improves foliage colour of your Bonsai
    • Speeds recover of bonsai from re-potting
    • Improves the uptake of fertilisers
    • Dilute at 1/4 teaspoon per gallon for outdoor plants
    • Houseplants dilute one drop per cup (4oz)
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