Yorkey Bonsai Fertiliser & Vitamin Ampoule - 10 Pack

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  • Yorkey Bonsai Fertiliser & Vitamin Ampoule
  • Promotes whole plant vitality for all potted plants
  • Simply snip off the little square cap and insert into the soil upside down
  • The perfect balance of major and minor nutrients all plants need
  • 10 x 33ml bottles supplied as one pack

Yorkey Bonsai Fertiliser & Vitamin Ampoule - 10 Pack

Yorkey Co Ltd - Japan are a specialist company manufacturing a whole host of unique plant nutrition products.

This product is designed to promote whole plant vitality for potted plants that may have been stressed by environmental conditions or pest attack. Also perfect for promoting long flowering period in all ornamental varieties including ericaceous plants.

Simply pull up the little square top cap and cut off with scissors and insert the bottles neck into the planting medium at a little distance from the central root zone. The solution will seep out slowly over time permeating deep into the soils structure. Each little bottle will treat an area of about 15cm diameter.

Provides balanced nutrition to the plant including ....

N.5 - P10 - K5 - Magnesium, calcium, manganese, iron, zinc and aluminium in a perfectly balanced ready to use solution.

Only use during periods of active growth (spring to early autumn)

1 x pack of 10 individual 33ml bottles supplied.

This product is occasionally refered to as V10.