Bonsai Foliar Feed & Pest Repellent - House Plant Myst™

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  • Houseplant Myst is part of a new generation of plant care products manufactured in the U.K.
  • Foliar feeding of plants offers significant advantages for plant health
  • Allows the fertilising of recently potted or sickly plants
  • Significantly improves pest and disease resistance
  • This ready to use solution provides nutrients, enhances growth, repels pests and conditions leaves
  • Trigger spray bottle ready to use
  • 100ml, 300ml and 750ml sizes available

Bonsai Foliar Feed & Pest Repellent - House Plant Myst™ 

Houseplant Myst™ is a cutting edge plant nutrient product from one of the UK's leading plant laboratories. Contains all the elements needed by plants, both mineral and organic to promote growth, vitality as P&D resistance. Plants in nature receive a great many of their nutrients from the air and rainfall. Spraying plants offers a very natural simple clean way of invigorating plants. The regular application of a well balanced solution has proven more successful for long term care than using stronger solution less often. Because nutrients are absorbed through the leaves foliage colour can be dramatically improved. Houseplant Myst will leave your plants looking vibrant and healthy and will increase their resistance to pests and disease.

When preparing bonsai trees for exhibition regular application of Houseplant Myst before show will ensure your trees foliage looks at it's very best.

Suitable for use on all plants, including orchids and cacti.

Houseplant Myst is a wonderful product to help restore ailing sickly trees back to health and can be used directly after re-potting.

If your bonsai have very weak lower branches spray just those parts regularly and their vigour and growth will improve significantly.

Supplied in a ready to use spray bottle either 100 ml sample size, 300ml or the big 750ml version.

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