Saburrtooth® Wood Carving Burrs - 6mm Shaft - Extra Course - Various Shapes

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  • Saburrtooth® Wood carving burrs - Extra course grade
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Effortless carving of a huge range of materials
  • Choice of shape options
  • 6mm Shank to fit die grinder and flexible shaft type machines. 

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Saburrtooth® rotary tools feature long-lasting, razor-sharp carbide cutting teeth arranged into a unique open pattern to resist loading while providing rapid stock removal and smoother finishes. Rotary tools are available in many shapes, sizes and textures to suit your carving, grinding, cutting and machining needs.

These carbide coated tools are prefect for carving bonsai trees large or small as well as a host of DIY projects, industrial and artistic uses. Saburrtooth tools cut just about any material including....

  • WOOD
  • FOAM
  • BONE
  • ICE

Using the latest materials technology, tungsten carbide teeth are fused to the steel backing material. The tool is then coated with a very special material that dramatically reduces loading (clogging up of the teeth) when used with soft materials like wood. The result is a dramatic performance improvement over similar products.

In use Saburrtooth tools offer unbelievably smooth and effortless stock removal. Wood just disappears before your eyes, with virtually no pressure applied to your power tool. That leaves you free to concentrate on bringing your imagination to life. The final finish from these tools is a rough sanded texture that can then be detailed with much smaller tools in the normal way. Harder woods will give a smoother finish than very soft wood.

These Saburrtooth wood carving burrs have a 6mm shaft that fits most commonly available die grinders similar to the Makita GD0600 or Metabo Straight Die Grinder with a 6mm collet. Also suitable for use with flexible drive machines like Foredom/Wecheer. These burrs combine superb stock removal rate with a minimum of loading (clogging up) whilst being extremely controllable, even if you have never used power tools for wood carving before you will feel right at home and safe with Saburrtooth wood carving burrs.

Because the swarf produced is tiny chips and dust it will not damage foliage of trees in the way that chip carving tools can. You can expect a very long life from these incredible tools! 

The variety of shapes we offer gives a wide range of cut and shaping options and should meet the needs of most wood carvers.

You can expect many years of work from these well engineered USA made high quality tools.

"I was a bit sceptical about the use of these tools at first but quickly discovered just how brilliant they are. They're now a permanent addition to my tool box!" Graham Potter.

Extra coarse (orange) grade abrasive gives a very rapid cut rate with a good finish on hard and soft wood.

Maximum speed rating 25,000 RPM.

Tools can easily be cleaned using our Cutting tool cleaner.

6mm Shank to fit die grinder and flexible shaft type machines. 

Approximate cutting face dimensions - Main picture Left to right

Large rotosaw 50mm diameter. 5mm width.

Medium rotosaw 34mm diameter. 5mm width.

Small rotosaw 20mm diameter. 5mm width.

Large ball 23mm diameter.

Ball 15mm diameter.

Bud 15mm diameter. 24mm long.

Cone 15mm diameter. 30mm long.

Long cone 8mm diameter. 36mm long. 

Large ball nose 16mm diameter. 50mm long.

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Available in three grades.

Yellow - Fine Grade

Green - Coarse Grade

Orange - Extra Coarse Grade