Metabo GE710L Variable Speed Straight Die Grinder

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  • Extended grinding spindle 
  • Built in spindle lock for easy tool change 
  • Robust aluminium diecast bearing flange 
  • Thumb-wheel for pre-selection of speed 
  • Metabo winding protection grid 
  • 710 watt 240 volt with UK 3 pin plug fitted

Metabo GE710L Variable Speed Straight Die Grinder

We loved the old Metabo that was discontinued a while ago. Graham never finishes a project without using his, the variable speed means this machine has unparalleled versatility. The ultimate VARIABLE SPEED power unit for carving. BIG - POWERFUL AND PRACTICALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE. IF YOU EVER WEAR THIS ONE OUT WE'LL SEND YOU A MEDAL! Designed for professional industrial use where it's required for a machine to have a full duty cycle (will run eight hours a day every day).

Whilst the Makita GD0600 seems to be most popular for this type of machine we think that's just because it's cheap. This is however the S Class or Rolls Royce and makes the Makita look and feel like an old tired Ford. As RR' said, "the quality is still appreciated long after the price is forgotten". If you are a lover of quality tools you WILL love this smooth running super quiet machine.

Technical Details.

* Extended grinding spindle (double ball bearing); ideal for grinding and carving in difficult to reach places

*Easily removed rubber vibration damper cover for extended nose

* Hardened and ground collect chuck for precise concentricity of tool (6mm collet supplied)

* Built in spindle lock for easy tool change

* Robust aluminium die cast bearing flange

* Ergonomic shape for fatigue-proof grinding

* Vario Constamatic (VC) full-wave electronics

* Thumbwheel for pre-selection of speed 10,000 - 30,000 rpm

* Robust Metabo Marathon motor

* Metabo winding protection grid

* Auto-stop carbon brushe

* 710 watt 240 volt motor with UK 3 pin plug fitted.

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