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Volcanic Lava Bonsai Planting Rock, Bonsai Landscape - Saikei

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  • Unique natural lava rock for Bonsai planting or saikei
  • Beautiful almost black colour, grey when dry.
  • Easily cut with a diamond disk if required
  • Perfect for bonsai planting or root over rock

Volcanic Lava Bonsai Planting Rock, Bonsai Landscape - Saikei

A beautiful stone with great texture and hollows. Perfect for adding to a bonsai landscape (saikei), planting a bonsai tree onto the rock or using for a root over rock bonsai style. 

Beautiful natural lava rock that is almost black when wet and shades of grey as it dries. Light weigth and easily cut and shaped with a small diamond disk mounted in an angle grinder. Can easily be shaped and textured with a small geology hammer or cold chisel. Frost proof, will not break down over time. Lots of tiny air pockets that are quickly colonised by algea and moss where conditions allow.

Only one stone available exactly as pictured.

Approximate overall dimensions 160mm high, 190mm wide, 120mm front to back.