Superthrive - The Original Vitamin Solution - 50ml Decanted Product

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  • Superthrive 50ml decanted product supplied in plain bottles
  • Promotes plant vigour in all pot grown plants and Bonsai
  • 50ml size in plain packaging
  • New formulation including kelp
  • Improves foliage colour of your Bonsai
  • Speeds recover of bonsai from re-potting
  • Improves the uptake of fertilisers

Superthrive 50ml Decanted product in plain bottle - BONSAI GROWTH STIMULANT

There can't possibly be anyone with an interest in plants anywhere who hasn't heard of Superthrive. The best known and most respected plant growth stimulant ever made and continuously available since the 1930s. Here by popular demand we are pleased to offer this world famous product at a very keen price. Use just a few drops per gallon of water.

  • Promotes plant vigour in all pot grown plants and Bonsai.
  • Improves foliage colour of your Bonsai.
  • Increases the uptake of fertilisers.
  • Increases foliage density.
  • Helps resistance to pest and disease
  • Increases root mass.
  • Increases the survival rate of collected trees.
  • Speeds up rooting of cuttings and air layers.
  • Speeds recover of bonsai from re-potting.
  • Restores plants following pest infestation and dehydration.
  • Improves resistance to extremes of cold and heat.

Superthrive now includes kelp. "We are proud to announce that our timeless formula is now enhanced with kelp, bringing you the benefits of contemporary research. Note that the signature color and odor have changed slightly. Growers will experience the same results as always ~ some will find increased benefits."

50ml Size.