Steel Rotary Carving Brush 30x5mm Head

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  • Steel Rotary Carving Brush 30x5mm Head
  • 30mm diameter head
  • 5mm width
  • 6mm shaft

Steel Rotary Carving Brush 30x5mm Head

Steel Rotary Carving Brush 30mm diameter head. This little brush packs a big punch and is absolutely indispensable for wood carving work. Once you have finished with cutting tools move onto this little brush. Makes light work of blending tool marks adding texture and shaping wood beautifully. The cut of this brush is so good it can be used all on it's own to carve dry wood creating beautiful soft flowing shape. Just calling this a brush is an insult.

One of the best little tools money can buy for the power carver that demands more of their tools.

30mm diameter head.
5mm width.
6mm shaft.
Always wear eye protection when using rotary tools!

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