Single Nutrient Specialist Liquid Fertilizers For Bonsai

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  • Single Nutrient Specialist Liquid Fertilizers For Bonsai
  • Specialist single nutrient fertilizers
  • Nitrogen for strong vegetative growth
  • Phosphorus for development of roots, flowers, seeds, fruit,
  • Potassium for strong stem growth, movement of water, promotion of flowering and fruiting
  • Iron for creation and maintenance of chlorophyll
  • 500ml pack size makes 250 to 500 litres!

Single Nutrient Specialist Liquid Fertilizers For Bonsai

Expert horticulturalists love to experiment with plant nutrition and can experience dramatic results.

Kaizen Bonsai's Crystal Mono fertilizers are solutions of individual nutrients for use where a general purpose fertilizer just won't do. These  solutions are also great in correcting specific nutrient defficiencies without overloading the other nutrients as would happen with a broad spectum or compound fertiliser product.

Crystal Mono fertilizers are ultra economical clean solutions for use at a dilution rate of just 1 or 2ml per litre of water.

The range includes.....

Nitrogen (N) 17%
Just nitrogen and nothing else. Perfect for use with accelerated growth programs for bonsai and in general horticulture. Promotes top quality rapid and strong new growth of vegetive tissues. In bonsai will aid in the rapid development of small trees producing rapid fattening of trunk and branches as foliage mass increases. In general use from first signs of life until late summer on well established plants.
Nitrogen deficiency causes small weak growth and severe yellowing of the plants leaves.
Mix at a rate os 1 or 2mm per litre and apply once a week.
500ml Pack

Phosphor (P) 20%
Just Phosphor and nothing else. Phosphor promotes root development as well as flower and fruit initiation. Encourages early maturation of new growth and promotes efficient photosynthesis which, in turn, leads to increased plant vigour. An ultra high quality nutrient that is rapidly absorbed by your plants.
Use throughout the growing season at a dilution rate of 1 or 2ml per litre of water.
500ml Pack

Potassium (K) 20%
Just Potassium and nothing else. Potassium promotes efficient photosynthesis leading to increased plant vigour and helps prevent yellowing of foliage. Rapidly matures late season growth before the onset of winter. Improves resistance to drought and summer heat. Potassium is vital to the full development and maturation of flowers and fruit.
Use from mid summer until first frosts. Dilute at a rate of 1-2ml per litre of water and apply weekly.
500ml Pack

Iron (Fe) 0.1%
Just iron and nothing else. Iron is absolutely vital to the survival and well being of all plants. In pot cultivation of plants (including bonsai) iron deficiency is very common and shows as yellowing of foliage, reduced growth rate and susceptibility to pest and disease, foliage will also quickly lose it's ability to produce energy for the plant and will be shed quickly. Any plant suffering an iron deficiency will show improvement within a very short period once this vital nutrient is applied. Use at a rate of 1-2ml per litre of water. For sickly plants apply every 2 weeks until improvement is noted. For healthy plants apply 3 or 4 times per year through the growing season.
500ml Pack