Leaf Coat Anti-transpirant Spray - Bonsai Care Products

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  • Leaf Coat Anti-transpirant Spray Resists Fungal Diseases
  • Dramatically reduces water loss from cuttings
  • Natural latex coating prevents transpiration
  • Forms a temporary protective barrier against pest and fungal attack
  • 500ml ready to use spray.

Leaf Coat Anti-transpirant Spray - Bonsai Care Products

Leaf Coat is an organic product containing a natural latex. A ready to use foliar spray bottle, Leaf Coat works by forming a thin elastic layer on the leaf's surface. This permeable coating allows air and sunlight through whilst at the same time helps your plant resist transpiration and attacks from pests or fungal diseases.

Primarily developed to restrain evaporation, Leaf Coat is ideal for use when taking cuttings, separating air layers or repotting trees with full foliage. The product prevents evaporation of moisture while new roots develop. Being a natural product, Leaf Coat will degrade after 2 weeks leaving no residue.

Leaf Coat strengthens plants and provides them with a powerful protection against infection by harmful insects and fungi.

500ml ready to use spray.