Green Dream™ Original - 100% Organic Fertiliser

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  • Green Dream™ The U.K.'s most popular purpose designed bonsai fertilizer!
  • First introduced by us 25 years ago and now more popular than ever
  • The ONLY nutrient product you need to keep potted plants healthy and vibrant
  • Apply straight from the pack every few weeks throughout the growing season
  • Clean and convenient to use and 100% organic
  • Harmless to wildlife, fish and the environment
  • Provides EVERYTHING a bonsai needs to remain healthy and grow strongly
  • Will not impede drainage Green Dream breaks down entirely to release it's nutrients
  • Supplied in re-sealable packs, keeps indefinitely if stored correctly
  • 1Kg, 2.5Kg and 7.5Kg pack options 
  • BUY 2 DEAL - Buy two 7.5Kg boxes AND SAVE 10%.

green dream used on bonsai tree
• Less than half the price of imported fertilisers.
• Fully balanced nutrient profile with all major trace elements.
• Controlled season long release, eliminates fertiliser burn completely.
• No ugly, smelly 'cakes' festering on top of your bonsai pots.
• No plastic baskets needed.
• Will not attract pests.
• No need for other fertilisers or nutrient solutions.
• Contains seaweed extracts & trace elements.
• Will not kill moss covering the soil surface.

• Feeds all bonsai trees and potted plants.


Green Dream 25 years
Sprinkle just a little Green Dream thinly on the soil surface and brush gently until it disappears. After a couple of days the Green Dream will have dispersed into the soil and be available for your plant, unlike pelleted fertilisers that lay on TOP of the soil, Green Dream gets right in amongst the roots (and out of the reach of birds and other pests).
Re-sealable packages. Will keep indefinitely if you keep it dry.

before application
Before application
green dream after
After Green Dream application

" I have used Green Dream exclusively for over fifteen years with spectacular results. I can thoroughly recommend it as the mainstay fertiliser for all bonsai growers." Colin Lewis Internationally renowned bonsai artist and author.

" Following a serious 'fertilizer accident' with chemicals recently Green Dream is the only fertilizer I will now allow on our nursery. It gives our trees all the nutrition they need in a safe and convenient format. " Graham Potter

• Only natural Ingredients.
• Season long nutrient release.
• High Content of organic seaweed.
• No risk of scorching.
• Improves Humus content and soil structure.
• Trace elements release up to 2 years.
• Sterilized, easy to handle granules.
• Supports microbial activity in soil.
• Authorized for use by organic growers (Ec reg' 2092/91, BLIK)
• Contains organic matter from blood meal, feather meal, cocoa shells, dried organic seaweed and vinasse.
• Slow release compound fertiliser with an analysis of N.6% - P.5% - K.7%. With added trace elements. Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Boron, Molybdenum.

Pack sizes available...
1Kg Resealable pouch.
2.5Kg Resealable pouch.
7.5Kg Box with Re-sealable internal bag. BUY 2 AND SAVE 10%

Kept dry in it's original packaging Green Dream will last indefinitely so stock up now for summer!  

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