Green Dream™ Nitro + Organic High Nitrogen Fertilizer

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  • NEW! Green Dream™ Nitro + Organic High Nitrogen Fertilizer
  • Rocket fuel for plants!
  • Promotes strong quality growth and development
  • Provides EVERYTHING a bonsai needs to remain healthy and grow strongly
  • Early to mid season use for all bonsai and raw material
  • Will not impede drainage Green Dream breaks down entirely to release it's nutrients
  • Clean convenient dry small crumb structure for ease of use
  • 1Kg, 2.5Kg and 7.5Kg pack options
  • BUY 2 DEAL - Buy two 7.5Kg boxes and save 10%

Green Dream™ Nitro + Organic High Nitrogen Fertilizer for use in the rapid development of yamadori and raw material and as an early spring feed for all mature bonsai trees and potted plants.

• Only natural Ingredients.

• Slow nutrient release over several weeks.

Green Dream Fertilizer

• Improves Humus content and soil structure.

• Sterilised, easy to handle granules.

• Supports microbial activity in soil.

• Less than half the price of imported fertilisers.

• Fully balanced nutrient profile with all major trace elements.

• Will not attract pests.

• Contains seaweed extracts & trace elements.

• Feeds all bonsai trees and potted plants requiring a high nitrogen fertilizer.

Green Dream™ has been the UK's most popular bonsai fertilizer since it's introduction by Colin Lewis over 25 years ago.

As those years have gone by we have learned a great deal about plant nutrition and the average bonsai hobbyist is significantly more informed about the use of fertilizer products than all those years ago. Here at Kaizen Bonsai our philosophy from the very beginning has been to steadily improve our products and horticultural practices in the quest to produce ever better quality bonsai trees with less headaches. To that end we are forever developing and testing new products and refining our existing offering too.

In recent years bonsai has seen a significant move in favour of native species and working with collected plants and yamadori. Developing bonsai from such material puts greater demands upon our horticultural skills as there is a significant requirement to GROW plants as part of their development. In the past we were seeing much more reliance on imported plants from places like Japan and these were typically very well developed so a more traditional balanced fertilizer like Green Dream™ Original was the 'go to' option. Now we are pleased to introduce GREEN DREAM™ - NITRO + an organic high nitrogen fertiliser specifically designed to fuel accelerated early season growth.

Over the last few years we have been exploring the subject of high nitrogen feeds in pot culture and have been testing a wide variety of solutions. We looked at chemicals, highly refined products and different organics in liquid and solid forms. We tested those products on hundreds of plants in hundreds of different situations which gave us a huge knowledge base upon which to determine how to proceed. High nitrogen fertilizers need to be treated with respect and having a product that can be easily utilised in a convenient safe form is very important. We decided to go with our familiar Green Dream™ dry crumb structure format which we know our customers like and are familiar with but with a whole new nutrient profile.

Spring 201620/4/16 Trident maple with broken top


Autumn 201628/9/16 A summers growth using Nitro +


Where you need to see strong consistent growth use Green Dream Nitro + EXACTLY AS INSTRUCTED ON THE LABEL. Sprinkle just a little Green Dream thinly on the soil surface and brush gently until it disappears. After a couple of days the Green Dream will have dispersed into the soil and be available for your plant, unlike pelleted fertilisers that lay on TOP of the soil, Green Dream gets right in amongst the roots (and out of the reach of birds and other annoying critters). Green Dream™ Nitro + is a powerful fertilizer and a little goes a long way, super economical and great value for money

Supplied in re-sealable packages. Will keep indefinitely if you keep it dry.

Pack sizes available...

7.5Kg Box with Re-sealable internal bag.
BUY 2 DEAL - Buy two 7.5Kg boxes and save 10%

Green Dream Bonsai Fertilizers - FAQs

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Apply in spring as new growth appears and again every 4 weeks until late summer when day length begins to shorten. Scatter Green Dream Nitro +  evenly but sparingly over the soil surface and water in. Use approximately half a tablespoon, 20ml or 15g per square foot (30x30cm). Regular light applications are better than infrequent heavy use. Use too much and root/foliage scorch will occur. Avoid contact with foliage. Over time the particles will break down and disappear into the soil. Stop feeding once the weather begins to cool in autumn.


N:15% - P:3% - K:8%, 

15% total nitrogen (N), of which, 6% organically bound nitrogen , 9% ureic nitrogen

3% phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)

8% potassium oxide (K2o) water soluble

2% total magnesium oxide (MgO)

0.9% Iron (Fe)

40% organic matter