Bonsai Training Craft Wire - Brown Aluminium 100g Coils

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  • The most popular wire used for bonsai shaping
  • Easy to work but strong enough to hold shape
  • Dark matt brown colour will not fade
  • Supplied in 100g coils (500g coils also available)
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Bonsai Training Craft Wire - Brown Aluminium 100g Coils

Brown anodised aluminium bonsai training wire in convenient 100g coils.

Nice dark brown colour WILL NOT FADE even after more than 2 years exposed to direct sunlight.

Easy to work but strong enough to hold.

Aluminium wire gives the best compromise between workability and strength to hold branches in place.

The default wire quality for 95% of all bonsai work, proven over decades of use worldwide.

Perfect for use on all bonsai, deciduous or conifer, indoors or outside.

Also the only wire you should use for securing bonsai into their pots.

Matt mid brown colour for an unobtrusive appearance. Colour is light-fast. We have had this wire on our own trees for more than two years and the colour is still good.

Length varies according to size (sold by weight).

As a rough guide the wire needs to be one third of the thickness of the branch you intend to bend.


For help and advice on using this wire, see our bonsai wiring video

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