Leaf Shine For Bonsai Trees & House Plants

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  • Brings out the beautiful rich colour of foliage and bark
  • Enhances photosynthesis
  • Essential when preparing bonsai for the show bench
  • Can be used regularly and will NOT harm your plants in ANY way
  • Just a light misting is all that is required.
  • 250ml Nett aerosol
  • Not available for shipping internationally

Ever wondered how Bonsai on display at major exhibitions look so vibrant and healthy? One carefully guarded secret is this wonderful product from Chrysal. A light misting over the foliage once in a while will keep your Bonsai's foliage looking clean and vibrant. Removes scale marks from hard tap water and lifts dust quickly. Also brings out the beautiful colour of the bark of junipers and yews to achieve that coveted red colour. Use for indoor or outdoor Bonsai and show preparation. Great for keeping pots looking bright and clean too.

250ml nett aerosol.