Recycled Capillary Matting Plant Irrigation

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  • Recycled Capillary Matting Plant Irrigation
  • High performance 300gsm capillary matting. 
  • Use for bench tops in poly tunnels and glass houses
  • 80cm wide.
  • Select the length you require (50m max)

Recycled Capillary Matting Plant Irrigation

Our capillary matting is high quality, durable and ideal for use at home, in drip trays, and in the greenhouse. The matting is 300g per square metre, and can hold up to 3lts of water per square metre.

Capillary matting is most commonly used by nurseries on grow benches to provide a constant supply to their plants. Our capillary matting is rot and mold proof, meaning the product will last for longer, as well as being nontoxic, which means there will be no effects caused to your plant life by using this matting. The matting is made from 100% recycled materials and also allow optimum water uses, which is great for the environment.

Cut a thin strip and feed it through a drainage hole in the trees pot and out the bottom, stand the pots foot on top of it to transfere water into the pot continuously. Can also be used to carpet outdoor holding areas to help keep plants moist during summer. 

Please order the number of metres you require by using the quantity box above.

We cut our capillary matting to length so you to get just what you need. The matting is also easy to shape and cut further with scissors or knife.

We stock the popular width of 80cm and in lengths from 1m up to 50m. 

So that we can offer the best possible prices we cut this product from bulk rolls. Therefore once your order has been cut it cannot be cancelled or returned, as compliant with the consumer protection act 2013 - part 3 paragraph 28, sub-paragraph B.