Bonsai & Wood Carving Dumpy Knife - Extra Length

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  • Bonsai & Wood Carving Dumpy Knife - Extra Length
  • The best carving knife money can buy
  • Razor sharp with a needle point
  • Solid oiled beechwood handle
  • Full length through tang
  • Hand made in Sweden by Morakniv
  • Supplied with a hard plastic belt holster

Bonsai & Wood Carving Dumpy Knife - Extra Length


KAIZEN BONSAI'S WORLD FAMOUS DUMPY KNIFE. This stout Swedish hand made knife has proven to be a real workhorse both on our nursery and workshop and bonsai and wood carving workshops around the world over the past 20 years. The blade is made of laminated (san-mai construction) high carbon steel which allows it to be both very hard, to hold a good edge, and  also flexible enough to prevent breakage if bent. Use it in hand work deadwood creation where its incredibly strong blade has proven invaluable if a bit of leverage is required. The steel will sharpen to an edge to shave with (literally) and will keep it. Comfortable in the hand and almost unbreakable this is the last knife you will ever need to buy.

We have been selling these knives for well over 20 years now and the only feedback we have received is just how brilliant they are. An absolute steal at such a low price. Less than half the price of a Flexcut equivalent and every bit as good.

190mm overall length. 82mm blade length. Oiled beechwood handle with through tang. Hard plastic belt sheath.

Remember, always oil carbon steel tools prior to storage. Use our special Camellia Oil.

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