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Bonsai Bark Cleaner and Algae Remover

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  • Vapor free, non toxic and non hazardous to the user
  • Safe on wood, timber, ceramics, stone, glass and most plastics
  • Water based non corrosive
  • Harmless to foliage
  • 500ml Ready to use solution in re-usable trigger spray bottle
  • 1 Litre refill for trigger spray bottle

Kaizen Bonsai's unique and fabled algae removal product, thousands sold across the globe.

One of the most highly prized features of valuable bonsai trees is craggy and flaking bark. However keeping old bark in pristine condition is a perennial problem, especially in the U.Ks damp climate. Because of the damp weather and regular watering, bark, which is very absorbent tends to be the perfect place for green algae to colonize. In time this can become quite thick and if not cleaned away will progress to a lush carpet of green moss, under which the precious old bark will be decaying. Until now the only solution has been to physically scrub the bark with an old tooth brush and wash away the green. Obviously this will also destroy flaking bark very quickly. Lose the old flaking bark from a very good quality bonsai and you will drastically reduce it's value.

Our Bark Cleaner and Algae Remover uses the very latest technology to solve the problem outlined above. In use on our nursery now for close to fifteen years and with thousands sold worldwide we know this product works a treat. By using the latest advances in micro surface technology our product harnesses the power of sunlight to lift algae away from the supporting surface, it then simply dries up and blows away. All you have to do is spray the area you want clean until it is evenly damp, put it in the sun and walk away, that's it, no scrubbing or rinsing just a light spray and you're finished.

Unlike some algae removers such as sodium hydroxide, acids and toxic pesticides our product is very safe. It will not affect foliage in ANY way, nor will it upset roots or change soil chemistry. Entirely sake around animals and children too.

Fully compliant with HSE 6830

500ml Easy ready to use spray dispenser.

1000ml Refill pack also available to prevent wastage of the spray bottle.

Very economical to use, a little goes a long way.

Keeps bark clean for up to 6 months in most situations.

Long storage life.