Bonsai Services

After more than thirty years immersed in bonsai there is not much we can't do. We carry massive stocks of hundreds of items, anything you need for bonsai can be obtained right here. Teaching, private tuition, bonsai demonstrations, holiday care, Bonsai tree maintenance, restoration, preparation... No matter what you need to do or know about bonsai trees we've almost certainly got the answer!

Bonsai Services

Private & Group Tuition

Half day ‑ Full day

Workshops specifically tailored to suit your own level of experience, novice to advanced. Progressive learning programmes covering seasonal training. Raw material to old refined trees. Click for more information on Bonsai Workshops
Raw material suitable for workshops is generally available to purchase from us.
A full days workshop includes up to 8 hours work so bring enough to do. 



Bonsai clubs and horticultural societies in fact any public event. From an hours talk to a weekend demonstration. History, theory and practical demonstrations on all aspects of bonsai can be arranged along with exhibits of specimen trees.
Presentations on specific techniques and species for bonsai clubs including Carving techniques. Collecting from the wild. Developing bonsai from raw material including Yew, Privet, Juniper, Hawthorn, Elm and many others.

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Exhibition Preparation and Restoration

Have your bonsai trees prepared for exhibition to an exceptionally high standard. Work can include cleaning, pruning, detail wiring. Preparation of soil surface and cultivation of moss covering. Cleaning, preservation and colouring of deadwood. This work can often take several months to complete in order to present the tree at its very best. Work undertaken on a fixed price basis from trees left at our nursery for the duration of the project.


Bonsai Tree Sales

We typically carry hundreds plants in stock and have trees for every budget. From tiny thumb sized miniatures to majestic specimens. Raw material suitable for workshops etc'. We only see visitors by appointment and our nursery address is not published for security reasons.

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All sundry items are either in stock or quickly sourced. 99.9% of items listed on line are always in stock.

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