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Kaizen Bonsai Soil Mixes - Blended Soils Ready To Use


It's been over twenty years since Graham first offered his special bonsai soil mixes for sale. Since that time these products have become the UK's No1 favourite typically selling over fourty/fofty tons every year. These soil products are constantly refined and improved as better ingredients present themselves and represent the very best in quality, value and performance for bonsai tree growth in the UK today. Considering the ever increasing cost of Japanese soils and the sensitive issue of fuel usage we have now sourced up to 90% of our blended soils within the U.K which means less 'soil miles', less import taxes and a lower price to you!
We have been researching and testing growing media for use with bonsai for well over 30 years. Over that time we have discovered just what it takes to create a healthy rhizosphere. Roots are the powerhouse of any plant and if you want your bonsai trees to develop well and remain healthy indefinitely the soil you use is of paramount importance. The subject of bonsai soil is steeped in mystery and is a very confusing subject, especially to beginners. Misinformation is rife, especially on the internet. Our range of bonsai soils look very different to more conventional products available but after 30 years of relentless testing and research we know THEY WORK! Our customers come back year after year for these great products and everyone who has tried them agrees, Kaizen Bonsai soil mixes are second to none.

If you would like to read more on the subject of bonsai soils see Graham's guide to re-potting Bonsai.

Our soil mixes are based on the very best ingredients including biochar, responsibly sourced (high recycled content). It takes a great deal of time to prepare these mixes and they should not be confused with other "bonsai compost" on the market. These are often no more than garden soil or multipurpose compost with added grit. Our range is based on the moisture retention levels of each mix. No1 being the most water retentive fine grained soil and No3 being the most free draining and open in structure.

All our soils are ready to use straight from the bag and SHOULD NOT be sieved.

  • High quality ingredients throughout.
  • Up to 90% U.K sourced materials.
  • UK produced biochar in every mix
  • Various moisture retention capabilities for different species.
  • Excellent drainage across the range.
  • Good air circulation promotes root growth and prevents root rot.
  • Very high nutrient retention characteristics means less fertilizer required.
  • Retains physical structure longer than conventional soils.
  • High moisture absorption rate.
  • Easy to re-wet if the soil becomes dry.
  • Graded and blended entirely by Kaizen Bonsai.
  • High recycled content.
  • Much lighter weight than conventional bonsai soils.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ALL KAIZEN BONSAI SOIL MIXES ARE PREPARED TO ORDER. During periods of high demand your delivery may be delayed for a short period. Please order in good time!

Information on how Kaizen Bonsai soil products are described, graded & packaged