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Kaizen Bonsai

Rapeseed Meal Natural Animal Free Bonsai Fertiliser

Rapeseed Meal Natural Animal Free Bonsai Fertiliser


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  • Organic rapeseed meal bonsai fertiliser
  • Natural animal free fertiliser for all bonsai trees
  • British made organic product
  • Light sawdust like product clean and safe in use
  • Supplied in a resealable pouch and will keep well if stored dry

100% organic plant material and free of animal derivatives.

Rapeseed meal is a by product of the production of rapeseed oil. Rapeseed, in pellet form, has been used for all bonsai across Japan for generations. With an approximate analysis of N.4%-P.6.0%-K.5.0%.

This meal has the consistency of sawdust, it's dry, clean and has the smell of straw. It is normally made into small cakes for bonsai use but this fine material can be used in the same way, is just as effective with less processing and a less obtrusive appearance. This is a UK product and is not transported from the other side of the world like so many other fertilisers are. In time the material is entirely broken down by microbes and will disappear, it will not impede drainage.

Use from first signs of growth until early autumn. Just sprinkle (approximately a tablespoon full across a 12" pot) a light covering evenly across the surface of bonsai pots and every time you water a little fertiliser will be washed into the soil. Re-apply every 3-6 weeks once the previous application has disappeared.

Highly recommended as an easy convenient way to feed your bonsai and keep them healthy.

1Kg Resealable package. Stored in a dry place rapeseed meal keeps well.

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British made product.