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Kaizen Bonsai

Leather Bonsai Tool Case - Zip Fastening

Leather Bonsai Tool Case - Zip Fastening


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  • Leather Bonsai Tool Case - Zip Fastening
  • High quality leather tool storage case
  • Zip fastening
  • Elasticated internal retainers
  • Will store up to 7 larger bonsai tools

Leather Bonsai Tool Case - Zip Fastening

A superb quality padded fine leather zip around tool case with elasticated internal retainers.

There are a lot of cheap nasty zip up tool cases around the bonsai trade. We have never offered them because the quality is so poor. However this type of tool case is such a useful item we took the time to search out a nice one. The case has a superb quality soft touch feel and the two rigid leaves are retained by a quality zipper. Inside you will find 7 quality elasticated retainers/pockets of varying sizes to accommodate your bonsai tools.

This case will not hold a large bonsai tool collection however if your kit is modest or you just need to travel with a few tools this is the case for you. Also a nice item to keep those expensive Masakuni Bonsai Tools from crashing around in your general tool box.

Closed dimensions are 235mm wide, 265mm tall. 30mm spine.

Will store 3 tools up to 220mm overall length and 4 tools up to 240mm length. Can also be used to store a large number of smaller tools.