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Kaizen Bonsai

Japanese High Quality Secateurs Bonsai & Garden Pruning Tools

Japanese High Quality Secateurs Bonsai & Garden Pruning Tools


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  • Japanese high quality pruning secateurs
  • Black finish carbon steel
  • 200mm Overall length
  • Powerful cutting action
  • Super hard blade remains sharp even after extensive use
  • Kikuwa Brand, made in Japan
  • We think these are vastly superior to Felco types based on 10 years experience using both on our nursery

Japanese High Quality Secateurs Bonsai & Garden Pruning Tools

These secateurs are a masterpiece of the tool makers art. Absolute top notch engineering, the quality is obvious the first time you hold them in your hand. The best grade of high carbon steel, engineered adjustable pivot and spring loaded closing clasp along with excellent quality hand polished finish. The razor edge bypass blade is polished to prevent sap build up after extensive use. Forget Felco's, ours came and went but we have had these on the nursery for over 10 years now and they are STILL brilliant.

200mm overall length.

Black carbon steel.


Minor details may change from time to time but the great quality remains constant.

"Kikuwa Brand. The very finest quality Japanese made bonsai tools. These tools are the finest of their kind currently available and should NOT be confused with many much cheaper Chinese tools available. We guarantee you will be delighted with the quality and durability of Kikuwa Bonsai Tools.
Nobody can possibly deny the magic of using Japanese tools. Years of skilled craftsmanship and experience blend with engineering excellence to create tools that are a joy to own and use. We looked at a lot of Japanese secateurs before deciding to offer this exceptional tool.

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