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Bonsai & Wood Carving Eldris Neck Knife by Mora of Sweden

Bonsai & Wood Carving Eldris Neck Knife by Mora of Sweden


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  • Morakniv® Eldris Pocket sized fixed blade knife
  • Handle features a superb quality soft polypropylene grip
  • Blade forged from hardened stainless steel
  • Includes a hard plastic neck sheath
  • Supplied in a very nice presentation carton
  • COLOUR MAY VARY FROM THAT SHOWN (currently maroon red)
  • Not for sale to anyone under 18 years of age.
  • We may ask for proof of identification prior to despatch.

Bonsai & Wood Carving Eldris Neck Knife by Mora of Sweden

Here at Kaizen Bonsai we love knives, at least, we love GOOD knives. Graham has been a collector of special knives since before he was old enough to own one. There is little more useful in the bonsai workshop than a GOOD knife. Mora of Sweden make some of the best quality knives in the world in terms of quality and pound for pound value. We have been selling Mora knives for decades and have NEVER had a single complaint about a single one of their exceptional tools. These days it's tough to come up with a new knife that's not been done before but this beautiful little item has pulled off just that significant coup. It's a close call which was the greater leap for mankind, the invention of the wheel or the knife but, had the worlds first homo sapiens been in possession of this fantastic knife the development of civilised society may well have been advanced somewhat.

From the same manufacturer as our Dumpy Knife. This powerful knife has a stunning little stainless steel blade expertly hardened which will quite literally hold an edge sufficient to shave with. Straight out of the box you will be able to shave your head with this knife. The handle features a superb quality soft polypropylene grip. We have several of these in the workshop and they are constantly in use. The knife is supplied with a SUPERB quality tough plastic sheath which can be strung with paracord (or hairy string :-) and hung around the neck giving fast easy access to the knife with one hand, ideal if you are busy and up to your elbows in tools. The sheath will hold the knife securely and it won't fall out.

Hardened stainless steel 59mm blade.

Overall length 143mm

Supplied with a hard plastic holster.

Soft grip rubber and a plastic handle with matching colour sheath. Colour may vary (currently maroon red)

Supplied in a very nice quality presentation carton that makes this knife a great gift.

OVER 18 ONLY. Your order will be subject to age verification. You may be asked to confirm your age and provide proof prior to despatch if you are not known to us.

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