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Kaizen Bonsai

Soil pH Testing Kit

Soil pH Testing Kit


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  • Correct soil pH is vital in our small bonsai pots
  • This test kit will help you establish the exact pH of your growing media
  • Great for evaluating new bonsai growing media too
  • Approx' 15 tests per pack
  • Includes full instruction booklet

Soil pH Testing Kit

Many of the problems Bonsai growers experience are seated in poor or inappropriate soil pH conditions. Matching a growing media and it's pH is very important for most species. The correct pH is relevant to a number of critical plant functions including nutrient uptake. Over time the pH of a growing media can change. This test kit will show you the exact measurement for your Bonsai soil and help you to identify where problems may be lurking. Great for evaluating new Bonsai growing media too.

Easy to use. Supplied with full instruction booklet.

Approx' 15 tests per pack.