Natural Bonsai Deadwood Preserver

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  • Natural Bonsai Deadwood Preserver
  • Stops degredation of wood by oxidation and fungal attack
  • Once fully dry the woods natural colour will return
  • Allows wood to breath preventing water saturation
  • 100ml and 200ml sizes available

Natural Bonsai Deadwood Preserver

Preserve deadwood of deciduous & broadleaf Bonsai Trees without the unnatural white colour associated with Lime Sulphur. This unique product has been extensively used on our own Bonsai Trees for more than 25 years.

Fully preserves wood and stops fungal attack whilst retaining the natural colour (once fully dry). Will not damage foliage. Soaks into the wood to reach into inaccessible places but allows the wood to breath thus preventing wet rot associated with wood sealers and hardeners. Brush onto seasoned dry wood during spring & summer when the wood is largely dry.

Immediately after use wood will take on a very dark brown colour. Within a few weeks this will revert to the natural underlying colour as the treated area weathers.

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For more information on using this product see Graham's Guide to preserving Bonsai deadwood