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Low Viscosity Super Glue Bonsai Deadwood Hardener

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  • Low Viscosity Super Glue Bonsai Deadwood Hardener
  • Harden and preserve lightly decayed and brittle deadwood
  • Convenient 20ml bottle with application spout
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Superglue has found favour in recent years as a good way to harden and preserve lightly decayed and brittle deadwood. However, in order for this to be successful, it’s very important to use the right type with a low viscosity that will penetrate the wood deeply but also quickly before it begins to set. Using a type that is too thick means it will largely just sit on the surface layer of wood and will be of limited value.

Before use make sure the wood is THOROUGHLY dry. Water and damp will prevent the solution from soaking into the wood very far. Wood should also have the desired colour before application, super glue will seal the surface and make it very difficult to change the wood's colour. Use our LIME SULPHUR - BONSAI JIN WHITENER to achieve a natural white-bleached colour.

Apply directly from the bottles dispensing spout straight onto the wood and continue to apply so long as the glue soaks in. After 24 hours and glossy residue can be removed with a BONSAI STEEL WIRE BRUSH brushed with the grain.

Convenient 20ml Bottles.

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