Collection: Large Glazed Bonsai Pots

Very limited availability on most of these items!

No bonsai is complete without a bonsai pot. Choosing the correct pot for your bonsai tree is never entirely straightforward. Even if you know exactly what you want it's often hard to find just the right pot. There are almost as many different bonsai pot designs as there are bonsai trees and these come in a vast array of finishes too. Making your selection ultimately falls to personal preference. Being a small company means we cannot afford to stock everything that's available. However after more than 25 years working with bonsai we know what works. Here we present a small but significant selection of top quality glazed stoneware bonsai pots. We use a lot of these for our own bonsai trees and those of our students. Hopefully you will find just what you need but, if not drop us a line with your precise requirements, we might just have something squirrelled away. If you need advice on selecting a bonsai pot send us some pictures of your tree and dimensions, Graham will likely be able to help, email to