Collection: Bonsai Wire & Branch Bending

Bonsai Wire and Bending Supplies

Wiring is a useful technique for speeding the development of bonsai. The basis of wiring bonsai is selecting a suitable gauge wire and wrapping it around the branches. This enables us to bend the branch and move it into the position that we want and that is harmonious to the tree.

When it comes to wiring there is a choice of wire, the first one is copper wire which allows you to bend the branch with a much thinner wire but requires more skill and attention to detail. The second and most commonly used is aluminium bonsai craft wire. This is easier to work with making it suitable for beginners and is available in small or large rolls. For more information on bonsai wiring, see our bonsai wiring video.

Aluminium wire, copper bonsai wire, bonsai training wire and all wire craft supplies are available to order along with tools and accessories to help with bonsai branch bending.