Collection: Bonsai Basics Tool Kits

Creating, maintaining and caring for bonsai trees is all about tools. As a novice figuring out what you need is a bit of a mine field. Here at kaizen Bonsai we have been working with bonsai for in excess of 25 years now. Working with bonsai every single day we know exactly what's required. Here we present a selection of Bonsai Basics Tool Kits. We put a lot of work into assembling these tool kits and were careful to only include useful items we know you will use. 

Our Basic Bonsai Tool Kits make a great gift for any bonsai enthusiast and at the discounted prices offer great value for money.

The unique bonsai tools included are from our Basic Bonsai Tools range. These Chinese manufactured black finish tools are modelled on traditional Japanese designs ensuring great performance. Perfect as your first bonsai tools and also excellent for the enthusiast with just a few bonsai to maintain. These tools are good quality steel but lack the ultra high quality finish that's standard on our Black Carbon Steel Bonsai Tools. All bonsai tools are hand made in very small numbers and you get what you pay for. However having sold this range of tools for over a decade now our customers have been very happy with them and usually end up buying the full set.

We have a fine selection of premium quality bonsai tool kits available too.