Bonsai Branch / Trunk Bending Eyes - 12 pack

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  • Strong steel screw eyes used in bending bonsai branches and trunks
  • Allows accurate anchoring of pulling wires and tourniquets
  • Once removed the little hole heals quickly
  • Strong rust proofed steel wire
  • Pack of 12 BZP eyes. 18mm diameter. 35mm overall length

Bright zinc plated screw eyes. Perfect for anchoring wire tourniquets or turnbuckles accurately when bending branches or trunks of bonsai trees. These eyes can be screwed into a trunk or branch in order to anchor bending wires used to pull in a specific direction. After a year or two, when the wood has set in place remove the screw and the little hole will quickly heal over without trace. Strong heavy 3.6mm steel wire resists straightening under pressure. Used extensively by bonsai professionals and demonstrators for initial styling of bonsai material. Particularly useful where it's not practical or desirable to apply heavy wire in the conventional manner.

Pack of 12 BZP eyes. 18mm diameter. 35mm overall length.