The Little Terrier DH™ The Ultimate Power Carving Tool For Hobby Rotary Machines

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Terrier DH
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  • Turn your hobby tool into a wood eating monster!
  • Effortless power carving of all wood types, seasoned or green
  • Super smooth chip cutting action allows your work to take shape before your eyes
  • Fine grain carbide teeth cut like a hot knife through butter
  • Super smooth controllable cutting action allows safe working
  • CNC machined from UK produced tempered stainless steel in one piece
  • Cutting teeth can easily be rotated to present a new sharp edge
  • One size fits OEM Dremel machines. One size fits 99% of all generic hobby tools
  • Needs 10,000 RPM minimum speed. Max' speed 30,000 RPM
  • Terriers are supplied pre assembled ready for use

The Little Terrier DH™ The Ultimate Power Carving Tool For Hobby Rotary Machines

The worlds finest power carving tool for small rotary hobby machines!
Exclusive to Kaizen Bonsai Ltd and ONLY available here direct from the source.

For years now our customers have been crying out for a cutter to run in a small hobby tool that really does the business. Graham came up with this idea years ago but it has taken a long time to refine the design and bring that idea to fruition. The big problem with all small rotary hobby tools it that they only mount a small shaft bit, typically 1/8' inch. A large head on such a small shaft is prone to bending very quickly which is at best dangerous and expensive. We purchased every tool we could find and most were bent within a very short period of time. Larger cutters such as the Terrier™ are readily available but they all require the use of a large power tool like the Makita die grinder which represents a considerable investment, particularly if you are not using the kit very often. Hobby machines are popular simply because they are cheap and readily available. However as the only tools that are realistically usable in them are various forms of abrasive, doing anything other than a bit of cleaning or superfluous shaping is all that is possible, large projects are too slow and tedious to complete.

Graham has taken our tried and tested Little Terrier™ proven over several years and thousands sold, then refined the cutting head to an incredible degree and created an entirely new mounting system. The result is a quantum leap in power carving tool performance. Never has it been possible to remove so much wood without effort using a small hobby tool. The Little Terrier DH™ almost seems to vaporise wood before your eyes, it cuts even the hardest gnarliest wood without any effort and without pressure. Your little rotary tool will not run hot or struggle simply because the razor like cutting action of the Little Terrier DH™ will not put strain on the motor, it allows the speed to do the work. Whether you are creating external profiles or hollowing, the Little Terrier DH™ will remove lots of wood in a safe and controllable manner allowing your creativity to flow freely as your project appears right before your eyes.

The Little Terrier DH™ cuts any wood whether old hard and seasoned or completely green without effort and without clogging. It is also suitable for cutting a whole host of plastics, composites and softer metals. The cutting inserts are polished fine grain carbide made by one of the worlds leading cutting tool producers in Japan. The tips will last for a very long time, typically 20 to 30 hours of continuous cutting in average materials. Once the inserts become dull they can be rotated through 33% to present a whole new cutting edge. One set of inserts will do an incredible amount of work. If you do manage to wear out the cutting inserts or accidentally damage them they are easily replaced but be sure to always replace as a set, using mixed sets will dramatically reduce the cutters life span.

Each Littler Terrier DH™ comes with comprehensive instructions on it's use and explains fully the mounting and dis-mounting process as well as how to maintain, adjust and replace the cutting tips. The Little Terrier DH™ is CNC machined, on the very latest technology machines from UK produced tempered stainless steel in one piece ensuring perfect balance and optimal strength giving you a safe and useable cutting tool that should last a life time of producing great projects.

Overall length is 48mm.
15mm diameter cutting head.
Terrier supplied pre assembled ready for use.
Not suitable for use with flexible shafts fitted to hobby tools.
Use only with mains powered machines. Battery powered machines may discharge quickly due to increased loading.


The Little Terrier DH™ has an integral threaded socket to allow it to mount onto your rotary hobby tool. We have found that Dremel brand machines use a particular and exclusive thread size. If you have a genuine Dremel brand machine select - Little Terrier DH for Dremel machines- from the above drop down list.

If you have another brand of rotary hobby tool such as ......
Select - Little Terrier DH for NON Dremel Machines - from the drop down list.

If you have an Axminster branded rotary multi tool you will need the OEM Dremel size select -Little Terrier DH for Dremel machines- from the above drop down list.

If you have a Proxxon Micromot 230 please state this in the 'COMMENTS' section of our order screen. You will need to select the Non Dremel version.

Will NOT fit Dremel machines with the EZ Change chuck.

If you buy a Little Terrier DH™ from us and it does not fit your machine we will be very happy to have the tool back and give you a full refund or exchange for the correct size. If you find your Little Terrier DH™ fits a brand of tool not listed above PLEASE let us know.

Read our guide on Important Information on Mounting Cutters in Power Tools

Replacement cutting tips and screws are available separately.

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