Square Plastic Nursery Pots 1 Litre - Bonsai Starter Pots - 6 x Pack

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  • Square Plastic Nursery Pots - Bonsai Starter Pots - 6 x Pack
  • Generous capacity for a small 1 Litre pot
  • Space efficient and water saving
  • Fully recyclable 5pp black plastic
  • See below for dimensions.

Square Plastic Nursery Pots - Bonsai Starter Pots - 6 x Pack

Starting bonsai trees from seed or cuttings? You don't need bonsai pots, their small volume will severely restrict growth and development. Only mature bonsai trees should be planted in bonsai pots. For development purposes use pots with a larger volume.

These 11cm 1 Litre pots have a generous volume compared to round pots of a similar size. Because they are square they are space efficient and reduce water waste if they are placed rim to rim. Graham has been using these pots for growing on little trees for ten years now and many of them have been in constant use all that time.

Great value for money. Light weight, infinitely re-useable and ultimately recyclable.

Approximate external dimensions 110 x 110 x 120mm

Only supplied as a pack of 6 pots.

Recyclable 5pp Polypropylene high gloss rigid UV stabilised black plastic.