The root stimulant and stress reliever you can rely on

RootSAFE is no alchemist potion. Patented by Yale University, the totally organic RootSAFE formula is based on a substance called humic acid.

So what is humic acid?

Humus is the organic matter in soil which remains after microbes have finished digesting the more easily accesible nutrients from dead vegitation. The raw material used in the formulation of RootSAFE is humate, the remains of thousands of years of bio-degradation of plants. This is first removed from the mineral elements with an organic solvent, which is then heated and washed in a strong alkaline solution. The residue is then separated into solids (humin) and liquid - humic acid.


But does it really work?

Numerous studies at major American academic institutions have shown a marked increase in root biomass, as well as an increase in growth rate with the addition of humic acid. Scientifically controlled tests have proven that RootSafe…

- Promotes more massive and deeper root systems.

- Increases uptake of nutrients, particularly Cu, Zn, Fe and Mn.

- Increases stress resistance caused by cold, heat and drought.

- Measurable improvements vigour.

- Increases soil microbial activity.


Humic acid changes membrane permeability of root cells and also boosts plants' metabolisms. It is also a chelating agent, allowing the gradual release of micro-nutrients to plants and shields them against the build-up of toxic metal ions. In addition, it acts as a "redox reagent", converting soil-born iron compounds to a form available to plants.


The RootSAFE formula has a proven track record of commercial success.

- In hydroponic plant production, allowing better uptake of nutrients.

- In the reclamation of strip-mined land, enabling trees to thrive in incredibly poor soils.

- It is used in the Far East to increase nutrient availability to flooded rice plants in low oxygen conditions, advancing harvest by up to four weeks.

- Golf greens, trimmed almost bare and exposed to the scorching sun all day long, remain green and healthy because of their extended healthy root system.

In fact the poorer the soil, the more dramatic the results achieved with RootSAFE.


Will it help my bonsai?

If you use pure akadama or a high proportion of inorganic materials (grit, Moler, pumice Etc') . Then a humic acid amendment such as RootSAFE is essential and will certainly show better recovery and  growth,  you'll also improve the survival rate of collected or repotted trees.

Trials during the past year have shown quite remarkable results. For example:

- Trees were firm in their pots only six weeks after root pruning.

- Yamadori that were leafless since collection revived within 14 days of treatment - in July!

- Air layers rooted prolifically in a few weeks.

- Reaction to drought was minimized.

- Growth continued throughout summer