Kiyonaru ACE Bonsai Wound/Grafting Sealer - 100g

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  • Kiyonaru Bonsai Wound/Grafting Sealer
  • Created an air and water tight barrier once dry
  • Seal cuts on bonsai to help accelerate healing
  • Will not harden in the tube after opening so long as the cap is replaced
  • 100g squeezy tube.

Kiyonaru is a synthetic polybutylene emulsion that is water based. Once dry it becomes water resistant and forms a perfect air and water tight seal around cuts in woody plants that will prevent disease ingress and stops transpiration from the cut. This action dramatically increases the rate and quality of healing. This is also an excellent sealer for grafting and the tube makes application accurate and easy.

Supplied in a squeezable poly' tube with a long dispensing spout that reseals once the cap is replaced thus preventing the product drying out.

A superb product that's easy, convenient and clean to use and very economical.

100g Sqeezy tube.