Japanese Terracotta Bonsai Nursery Pots

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  • Japanese Terracotta Bonsai Nursery Pots
  • Genuine Japanese high-quality earthenware
  • Drainage and securing wire holes
  • Glazed rim detail
  • Available in four popular sizes

Most people put plants into bonsai pots much to soon and whilst this may improve the look of the tree it will seriously retard its development as bonsai.

These high-quality Japanese terracotta pots are used in professional bonsai production nurseries across the world. They are deeper than bonsai pots and offer a good balance for developing plants into bonsai. Just the right depth to allow good soil drainage and nutrient retention but shallow enough to develop a flat root system for the future.

Terracotta has significant benefits over plastic alternatives in terms of strong root production thanks to its porous nature. For many generations terracotta was the ONLY material used for pots in any self-respecting gardeners nursery. Experience dramatically higher growth rates compared to shallow bonsai pots.

These Japanese made terracotta pots are a familiar sight wherever bonsai are found. Simply put they last forever and are frost resistant to very low temperatures. Very high-quality manufacture and distinctive with their glazed rim. All sizes feature one large drainage hole and two holes for securing wires.

Terracotta is a relatively brittle material and so we have to go to significant lengths to pack these pots to ensure safe transit. This adds to the packed weight and cost. Given their benefits in cultivation we think the cost over plastic is well worthwhile.

We have a limited range of four sizes we are comfortable to ship. These are available in limited numbers so order early to avoid disappointment.

Approximate external dimensions :-

4” - 107 x 50mm

6” - 155 x 72mm

8.5” - 220 x 102mm

10” - 248 x 112mm