Hosta Categorization

Dwarf Hosta Plants - Hosta Names

We use the names in accordance with the rules of The American Hosta Society. Should there be any doubt about a name we use we will mention this and, in these cases, there may be a name change in the future.


Hosta Plant Patent ®

If you see a ® behind a Hosta name it means that the Hosta is patented or there is a perennial patent applied for.

This could be for Holland, Europe, U.S. or worldwide. Propagation is prohibited for all patented and patent-pending Hostas without a license from the owner of the plant patent. Plants we supply have come from licensed producers.


Hosta Size

The size of a Hosta varies with soil and climatic conditions. For this reason we give you an average size for the Hostas.

There are 5 groups indicated with the letters m, S, M, L and XL, this is an average size for a 4-5 year old Hosta.

The ledger below will help to convert these terms to inches and centimeters.

m mini 10 - 20 cm/ 4-8 inches

S small 20 - 40 cm/ 8-15 inches

M medium 40 - 60 cm/ 15-24 inches

L large 60 - 90 cm/ 24-35 inches

XL extra large 90 - 150 cm/ 35-60 inches


Hosta Flowers

The colours range from pure white to lavender to violet. The colour of the flower can be different in cooler (darker) or warmer (lighter) climates. Some Hostas have flowers that have a nice fragrance.


Perfect Hosta Sighting

Hostas are well known as the perfect perennial for shady places in the garden. Many Hostas, especially the green ones, can grow in full sun.

Hostas with fragrant flowers require more warmth and, in cooler climates, require a spot that gets a lot of sun.

Varieties with a lighter center want some direct sunlight to grow well, but will burn in full sun. We advise that these varieties be placed where they receive some morning sun and afternoon shade, this will result in Hosta with more variegation.

Hostas with less variegation can grow in full sun but you may see some damage like a white edge turning brown after the first week of really hot weather.

Depending on the thickness of the leaves, golden-yellow Hostas can take more sun and most of them need the sun to achieve a bright gold colour. Please keep in mind that deep shade under trees can be a very dry spot and requires additional watering after planting and in dry periods.

The Hostas for half shade/shade can take full sun and will grow well in the shade. Varieties for shade do not take full sun, especially hot afternoon sun but some sun in the morning or evening is not a problem and helps them to grow well.